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Service Ideation & Development

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As digitalization progresses, digital products and services are becoming increasingly important. In saturated markets, digital products and services also offer a new, disproportionately scalable source of revenue that many companies are not yet exploiting. Companies should take a holistic approach to service design in order to achieve long-term success. Service design means focusing on the needs and experiences of customers to achieve a positive outcome at every point of contact with your company.

Are you missing concrete starting points or impulses for innovative business models or smart products & services? We work with you to develop new digital business models along your customer journey that are geared towards your customers and in line with your business strategy. We also work with you to prepare for the successful implementation.

Do you already have digital products and services? We help you to respond to market changes and further improve your existing services, identify new potential in line with your business models and ensure your future success through digital service design.

Why is Service Ideation & Development important?

Personas & Story Mapping

Successful digital services require a focus on the needs, goals, behaviors and preferences of your customers.

We help you to design suitable personas for your customers and create the basis for the development of customer-centric digital services.

Through the detailed analysis of your customer journey, we help you to better understand the needs, wishes and behaviors of your customers.

Throughout the design process, the personas are used to iteratively improve digital services and adapt design decisions.

New business models

Our experts are on hand to help you design your individual, new digital business model and identify the touchpoints with your customers at every stage.

We work with you to identify the right technologies and strategies to bring suitable digital services and products to the market and significantly increase your customer loyalty and business success.


Based on the results of the customer journey and the needs of your customers, we work with you to identify the necessary business capabilities and functions of your digital services.

We use the story mapping method to help you break down these requirements in a targeted manner and plan the iterative implementation of the most important functionalities of your new digital services and products.

By using this method, we enable the development of MVPs for your new digital services and products in order to quickly obtain targeted customer feedback and ensure success.

Our Consulting Services in Service Ideation & Development

From the idea to successful implementation

Your challenges:

  • You want to react to market changes and establish new digital services 
  • The alignment of your services (product market fit) to the customer can be optimized 
  • You find it difficult to break down your product visions into actionable MVPs

UNITY solution approach:

  • Develop a detailed product vision with business model 
  • Identify customers & stakeholders and their needs along the customer journey and document their requirements through user stories 
  • Prepare an implementation project with validated technical foundations such as IT & data 

Our approach

Project stories in Digital Services

  • Smart City Data Platform
  • Analysis and Recommendations for the Blockchain Use Case “EVE”
  • Tezos Blockchain Pitch Deck
  • Innovative sewing and assistance system
  • Networking beyond the stadium visit

Your contacts for Service Ideation & Development

Daniel Gaspers

Head of Digital Services

Paderborn, Germany
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Dr. Michael Herbst

Partner, Head of Business Area

Cologne, Germany
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Heiko Janssen

Partner, Head of Product Portfolio

Paderborn, Germany
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