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Digital Services

Digital business models are fundamental

As digitalization progresses, your customers and partners expect more and more interaction via digital channels. In saturated markets, digital products and services also offer a new, disproportionately scalable source of revenue that many companies are not yet taking advantage of.

Increasing the proportion of digital products & services in the service portfolio is therefore key to future value creation. This means that business capabilities, such as software engineering, eCommerce & customer analytics to create digital paths to the customer via apps, platforms & IoT devices, are a strategic business capability.

We work with you to establish new digital business models in your portfolio and make existing ones more successful!

Together, we identify new business opportunities in a customer-centric way and develop your new product vision. We then prepare to implement and realize your digital product or service and manage it through to its release. From there, the product is iteratively further developed through user feedback, thereby increasing the value of the product and your ROI.

The most important areas of action at a glance

Digital paths to customers

These are various channels and platforms through which companies interact with their customers, reach them and offer their products or services. They include websites, e-commerce platforms, social media, mobile apps and also physical products.

Digital channels to customers are becoming increasingly important as technology and customer behavior evolve.

Digital channels allow companies to expand their reach and reach customers wherever they are active online.

Data analysis enables companies to understand their customers' behavior and provide them with customized offers. This improves communication and increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. In addition, digital channels offer the possibility of direct customer feedback and customer loyalty.

Companies must keep pace with these changes in order to remain competitive, promote their growth and be successful.

Smart products

Smart products provide companies with technologically advanced solutions that have internet connectivity and sensors. They enable personalized customer experiences, improved connectivity and increased efficiency. Smart products have become increasingly important for companies.

They increase efficiency through automation and promote customer loyalty. The connectivity of smart products also enables integration with other devices, systems and platforms. Companies can collect and analyze valuable usage data and use it to improve their products.

In an increasingly networked and digital world, smart products are growing in importance. They enable companies to develop innovative solutions that meet customer requirements.

Together with you, we make your products smart and build new digital business models based on them.


Platform business models enable you to leverage synergies with partners and create additional added value for customers. We design these with you both online and in the app.

Platforms are particularly relevant as they offer access to a large and already interested target group. They often have an established user base that is actively looking for relevant products or services. Companies can build new business models (with partners) through the presence or creation of a platform.

They offer eCommerce, customer relationship management (CRM) for customer analysis and interaction & content management. This allows them to collect data and draw insights to optimize their marketing strategies and adapt their offers.

In an increasingly digitalized world, partnerships and collaborative business models are becoming more and more important. They provide an effective way to reach a large and interested target group, process transactions and strengthen customer relationships. They should therefore take advantage of the opportunities offered by platforms to promote their success and growth in the digital era.

Our Consulting Services in Digital Services

Identifying new business potential

Your challenges:

  • The impact of market changes on your business model
  • You want to respond to market changes and establish new digital services
  • You lack concrete starting points or impetus for innovative business models or smart products & services

UNITY solution approach:

  • Identify customers & stakeholders and their needs 
  • Create a detailed product vision with business model 
  • Prepare an implementation project with validated technical foundations such as IT & data architecture

Digital Service Design

Value creation through data

Your challenges:

  • Data is inaccessible, of poor quality or is missing altogether 
  • The value creation potential of your data is unused or even unknown 
  • Lack of vision for future application scenarios of analytics & AI

UNITY solution approach:

  • Identify value creation opportunities through a comprehensive analysis of your business processes
  • Build efficient and scalable data architectures and processing platforms in line with your business strategy
  • Implement analytics & AI services for the long-term, value-creating use of your company data

Data-driven value creation 


Well-established digital products & services

Your challenges:

  • You have no sound digital touchpoints with your customers
  • The development of customer interfaces through individual software such as apps or websites is not your core competence 
  • You lack important knowledge about the behavior and preferences of their customers

UNITY solution approach:

  • Manage apps, web, platform & product development projects 
  • Implement CRM, analytics, eCommerce, content management systems 
  • Iterative further development and improvement through stakeholder feedback

Software Engineering

Customer-facing Applications

Selected services from the UNITY Service Portfolio Digital Services

Using corporateGPT
Digital Services
3-6 months

corporateGPT as a customized and data protection-compliant solution for companies and cities.

learn more
Cloud Assessment
Digital Services
2-3 Months

Covers the identification of strategic potential through cloud solutions for your company and a customized roadmap to get there.

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Cloud Kick Start Workshop
Digital Services
1 Day

An all-day workshop to introduce you to cloud computing and identify the initial potentials for your company.

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Digital Service Strategy & Digital Organization
Digital Services
1-9 Months

Covers the formulation of a clear digital service strategy and the development of a supporting product-centric target organization.

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AI Use Case Identification
Digital Services
2 Weeks

We support you in identifying the right use cases to integrate AI into your business model.

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Security Champion Training
Cyber Security
13 Weeks part-time

Intensive training lasting several weeks with specialist lectures, interactive exercises, demonstrations of tools and instruments.

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Cost reduction
Revenue growth
Increased customer loyalty
Increased conversion rate

*average values

Added value of digital products and services

Revenue growth & reduced costs

New potential revenue streams can be tapped and costs can be reduced through process automation as well as the need for physical infrastructure or manual labor.


Digital products and services can accelerate the development and delivery process. Tracking the time it takes to bring new offerings to market can highlight the efficiency and agility achieved through digital initiatives.


Digital products and services strengthen customer loyalty and the customer lifetime value (CLV) of customers. This increases the return on investment (ROI).

Project stories in Digital Services

  • Smart City Data Platform
  • Analysis and Recommendations for the Blockchain Use Case “EVE”
  • Tezos Blockchain Pitch Deck
  • Innovative sewing and assistance system
  • Networking beyond the stadium visit

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