Management Consulting for Innovation & Transformation in Australia

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Innovation & Transformation

Operational excellence and positioned to innovate with our consulting services

UNITY is the management consultancy for innovation and transformation. We enable global players, midsize companies and public sector customers to master digital transformation that is future-proof and sustainable. UNITY provides impulses through its in-depth understanding of technology and turns its customers into pioneers in their industries.

UNITY is a member of the UNITY Innovation Alliance AG. This is a strong network of companies that supports its customers in the digitalization of business models, products and services through continuous expertise – from the conception to the implementation. The UNITY Innovation Alliance has a total of 800 employees, of which 380 are employed by the management consultancy.

UNITY established a subsidiary in Sydney in 2024. The business in Australia is managed by Julian Gerg.

Our focus areas

  • Business Transformation

    Achieve changes in leadership and culture with digitalization

    In today's VUCA world, organizational changes and transformations are crucial for a company's success. Regardless of whether the goal is to achieve a more market-oriented positioning, realize efficiency gains or use innovative technologies and forms of work, we provide you with programmatic organizational development.

    Business Transformation
  • Smart Factory

    Achieve networked and automated control in your manufacturing processes

    Through the use of automation and digitalization, the factory of the future must be able to meet increasingly complex requirements, ensure flexibility and scalability, and always operate at the optimum operating point. Together with you, we create a clear picture of your factory of the future and derive concrete measures to increase productivity, efficiency and competitiveness. We support you from the strategy to the final implementation of technologies and systems in your smart factory.

    Smart Factory
  • Enterprise IT Architectures

    Network the office all the way to the shop floor!

    IT/OT architectures describe the company-wide networking of systems from the office floor (information technology/IT) to the store floor (operation technology/OT) in line with existing customer-relevant and internal business processes and requirements. Regardless of whether you only want to make IT or also OT changes, we ensure holistic planning of the IT architecture.

    Product Lifecycle Management
  • Process Optimization and Digitalization

    Increased efficiency through process optimization and automation

    In times of economic challenges, SMEs and industrial companies are facing intense challenges. The need to develop efficient processes and compensate for the shortage of skilled workers through automation is crucial to a company's success. We offer targeted solutions that are designed to meet these challenges effectively.

    Process Optimization and Digitalization
  • Sustainability

    From strategy to the circular economy

    If your goal is to consistently drive Sustainability while simultaneously opening new market opportunities, and you want to ensure the resilience of your value chain within planetary impact limits, then let's act together now. Together with our customers and partners, we develop future-oriented ESG target pictures and strategies that take the 1.5°C pathway into account. We enable our customers to independently integrate Sustainability and Circular Economy aspects into their core business processes.

  • Cyber Security

    Stay one step ahead of cyber attacks

    In the digital age, companies are increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats such as hacking, malware and data breaches. These threats not only put confidential information at risk, but can also cause significant financial losses and damage to a company's reputation. Don't wait until it's too late to protect your business from cyber threats. Contact us today to find out how we can secure the future of your business.

    ERP Transformation

We position our customers for innovation and operational excellence!

Our consulting services cover the entire spectrum of expertise and services required for our customers to future-proof their positioning in the digital age. Together, we shape their business of tomorrow on strategic and operational levels. Through future-oriented strategies, efficient product development, production and supply chain as well as optimal IT support for all company processes, we make our customers pioneers in their industries. In particular, they benefit from our expertise in the areas of sustainability, digital services and cyber security.

Our focus industries

Project Stories

  • Global transformation project
  • Warehouse Logistics Strategy & Operations Model Design
  • Digital Factory Planning
  • Process Management and Optimization in logistics
  • Factory of the Future
  • Industrial reorientation of maintenance
  • Strategic R&D focus
  • Real Estate 2030
  • Market Leadership in Smart Manufacturing
  • IT strategy & transformation program
  • Development of a Digital Service Business Model
  • Brandworld Customer Experience ​
  • Vision and Idea Development for the Energy Sector
  • Award-winning sustainability project
  • 新工厂的精益管理辅导 (仅提供英文版本)
  • Implementing Group-wide Digital Governance
  • Systems Engineering Quick Check
  • Clear methodology in the planning process
  • Reliable and high-performance IT infrastructure
  • Implementation of Portfolio Management capabilities
  • Enhancement of product data management

Mineral Waste Manager

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The AI for efficient waste disposal

The Mineral Waste Manager is the first digital and AI-based solution to support order processing for the disposal of mineral waste. The assistance system helps with the evaluation of mineral waste, the preparation of offers and the selection of the best disposal routes.

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Directions to our office

UNITY Consulting Australia Pty Ltd.
Level 5, 20 Bond Street
2000 Sydney, NSW
+61 452 672 922

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Your contact in Australia

Julian Gerg

Managing Director

Sydney, Australia
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