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Customer touchpoints

More satisfied customers thanks to effective systems & data

In today's digital era, effective customer communication and sales strategies are the key to success. It is therefore more important than ever to engage with customers digitally and interact with them successfully. Customers are increasingly looking for convenient ways to discover and purchase products & services and connect with brands. With our comprehensive consulting services and in-depth knowledge of IT, we can help you strengthen your digital presence and increase your sales. To do this, we create a solid foundation with the most important customer-oriented systems and enable your organization to use them in a customer-oriented way.

What needs to be considered when it comes to customer-facing applications?

Customer Relationship Management

Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is crucial to strengthening your customer relationships and running your business successfully. With a powerful CRM system, you can better understand your customers, build personalized interactions and ultimately make your customers happier and improve the efficiency of your sales.

Better customer understanding: By centrally managing all customer information, CRM enables you to create a comprehensive profile of each individual customer. You gain insight into their preferences, purchase history and communication history. This allows you to develop targeted marketing campaigns and provide personalized offers.

Improved customer care & communication: You can respond quickly to inquiries, provide solutions and increase customer satisfaction. Automated customer communication in correctly segmented customer groups enables you to quantifiably reach, activate and convert your customers.

Increase sales: Track the entire sales process from lead generation to closing, especially in B2B business. This gives you the opportunity to continuously improve your sales strategy.

Content Management & eCommerce

A solid content management system (CMS) combined with a powerful e-commerce platform is key to maximizing your online presence and running your business successfully.

Content management and digital sales: You can easily create and manage website content and products. In addition, an e-commerce platform enables you to offer products and services online.

Scalability and search engine optimization (SEO): Continuously improve your online presence to boost your website in search engine results.

Content marketing: With a CMS and an e-commerce platform, you can offer an outstanding customer experience. Customers can navigate in a user-friendly way, find products and the right content and make secure online purchases. Modern e-commerce platforms ensure a secure transaction and payment environment to gain customer trust and build long-term customer loyalty.

User Analytics & Tracking

Understanding the behavior and needs of your users & customers is critical to making informed business decisions and improving your business.

Behavioral analysis: Web tracking tools allow you to track and analyze the behavior of your visitors on your website. You receive information about which pages they visit, how long they stay on a page, which links they click on and how they navigate through your website. These insights help you to identify weak points, improve user experiences and increase conversion rates.

User segmentation: You can create custom segments based on demographics, interests, behaviors and other characteristics. This allows you to develop personalized content and marketing messages to increase customer loyalty and the success of your marketing campaigns.

Experience management: Collect feedback from your customers. You can use surveys, ratings and feedback forms to gain insights into customer satisfaction, opportunities for improvement and the effectiveness of your website optimizations.

Our Consulting Services in Customer Touchpoints

Professional customer communication & customer service

Your challenges:

  • The CRM functionalities of your ERP system are exhausted or you don't use any at all
  • Your customer data & transaction data is of poor quality due to duplicates 
  • You lack the organization to use the CRM system effectively

UNITY solution approach:

  • Analyze & clean data, and identify processes that cause poor data quality
  • Select & introduce a suitable CRM system & provider
  • Establish a CRM organization
Mobile-optimized and reusable content

Your challenges:

  • Your design is outdated, not optimized for mobile devices & your site's loading times are slow
  • You can't play content on other channels (e.g. app)
  • You lack a consistent login for customers on all your digital channels

UNITY solution approach:

  • Select a web & design agency and select a suitable CMS system 
  • Introduce a Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Management of the project and content migration as well as the (re)launch
Improved performance

Your challenges:

  • The success of your online sales process cannot be analyzed based on data
  • The performance of your eCommerce solution is insufficient because you have extreme peak loads
  • Your existing solution is complex to maintain and operate

UNITY solution approach:

  • Introduce web tracking in your sales funnel
  • Optimize SEO and derive marketing measures
  • Relaunch or upgrade the eCommerce solution 

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Project stories in Customer Touchpoints

  • Soccer Club

    CMS System selection  and introduction concept

    • Development of a catalogue of requirements and the target concept for IT
    • Market research on possible CMS tools and service providers, taking into account the initial situation and requirements
    • Coordination of the entire selection process, including conducting provider demo appointments (proof of concept)
    • Conceptualization of the CMS introduction and creation of a master plan of action
    • Project management during implementation, introduction and coordination of the various service providers
    • Planning and implementation of the website relaunch
    • Coordination of the migration of existing content into the design system
  • Strategy and business model development for e-commerce

    • Data-driven integration of different sales channels (e.g. stationary, online, mobile)
    • Identification of potential market and customer segments 
    • Development of an individualized buying experience along the customer journey 
    • Scalable online alternative to the 3-stage sales channel of premium manufacturers (both B2B and B2C )
    • Coaching and activation of managers 
    • Development and establishment of e-commerce controlling
    • Development of integrated financial and business planning


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