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Machinery and Plant Engineering

The main challenge in mechanical and plant engineering is to deliver customized solutions in ever shorter timeframes at minimum cost -- often under increasing competitive pressure. At the same time, classic mechanical and plant engineering products are now often regarded by customers as basic capabilities. This means that innovative strength and the ability to change are crucial to success in your industry. If you succeed in combining leadership in technology and cost, you can increase your sales enormously. Particularly successful mechanical and plant engineering companies are characterized by one or more of the following ten success patterns:

UNITY knows the challenges of the industry, and the success factors in the areas of market, product and process. For over 25 years, machinery and plant manufacturers of all sizes have benefited from our expertise.

We support you in improving your product portfolio and your market positioning. Together, we will expand your competitive edge by increasing your innovative strength and operational excellence. In addition to our distinctive industry expertise, you benefit from our comprehensive range of services, which are targeted to your individual situation. From product development to operational excellence, IP issues and innovation through to customer experience -- take advantage of our know-how and our methodological and implementation expertise!


Consulting Services for Machinery and Plant Engineering

Export and Internationalization: In order to be able to finance innovation and further growth, expanding sales markets through internationalization is a key success factor.

Data-based market development: Particularly in highly competitive sales markets, incoming orders can be increased enormously by identifying potential customers at an early stage.

Distinct service business: Declining profitability in the core business can be offset by aftersales services. Services via the spare parts business also generate additional income.

Protection against new competitors: The core business is secured through comprehensive branding. The company also protects itself against new competitors with low-cost (entry-level) solutions and very short delivery times.

Digital Customer Experience

Service Business

Modular Solutions: With modular solutions, customer-specific requirements are mapped using configurable standards. This allows the delivery volume to be increased quickly and easily.

Software and Electronics Expertise: Increasingly, software-based services are coming into focus as products in their own right. The customer's value experience is increasingly characterized by the software.

Digital Products: Digital products and digital services, in terms of software-based services relating to machines and systems, are becoming increasingly important as additional revenue generators, but require extensive changes in the service organizations or even the establishment of separate business units.


Product Lifecycle Management

Digital Twin

Service Business 

Cross-domain Product Development: The intelligent integration of mechanics, control engineering, software and, if necessary, other technologies through efficient product development processes is essential to provide mechatronic products efficiently in terms of a 'system as a component of systems'. Using systems engineering methods, it is possible to provide leading solutions for markets, products and processes.

Operative Excellence: In addition to marketable manufacturing costs, the market leaders in their sectors set themselves apart by their disproportionately high-level of productivity in terms of overhead costs. This usually goes hand in hand with a good balance of standardization and customer-specific solution expertise. This enables them to achieve adequate corporate profitability even when prices are falling.

Integration expertise: When solutions need to be integrated into complex environments, technical integration expertise is a decisive competitive advantage. This ability secures and increases the sales of individual machines and components.

Systems Engineering

Operational Excellence

Project Handling System

Value Chain Strategy

Project Stories in Machinery and Plant Engineering

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  • Digital Reference Architecture LHT
  • Industrial reorientation of maintenance
  • Technology Process Boostcamp
  • Strategic conception of an Innovation Classroom
  • Networked innovation and development organisation
  • Development of Roadmap 2020
  • Material Forecast Tool
  • Factory Planning and Industrialization
  • Development of global supply chain
  • Development of a production concept
  • 布局延伸 MTU 珠海 (仅提供英文版本)
  • Master Plan of Action MRO 4.0
  • Target picture and use cases for the digital transformation
  • Business Transformation & PMO for Standardized Support Processes

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