Continuous growth with well thought-out services

Expansion of the service business

Systematically generate additional business in machinery and plant engineering

If the classic products of a plant and machinery manufacturer are under very high price pressure, the service business for the machine/plant supplied is becoming increasingly important. The service business is the growing business for a wide range of machine and plant manufacturers and makes a very large contribution to the operating result. It also helps to increase customer loyalty and improve your positioning in the competitive landscape. Expand your service business, increase sales and earnings and utilize UNITY's expertise, especially in the development of digital products.

Level of service quality

For many machine and plant manufacturers, the maintenance and spare parts business is a major source of income. However, customer expectations go beyond the spare parts business. These expectations are the business opportunities of today and tomorrow. Service quality can be increased profitably and the role of the machine and plant manufacturer vis-à-vis its customers is changing.

Generate additional business with machine and system services

Take advantage of UNITY's experience and generate additional revenue and income beyond machine sales! In addition to the "Predictive Maintenance," or proactive service as often discussed in this context, there are numerous other possible services with which machine and plant manufacturers can systematically generate additional business:

  • Automated system configuration
  • Prediction of system failures
  • Data connection
  • Cleaning management
  • Optimized quality improvement
  • Deduction of qualification requirements
  • Simulation / optimization of production process
  • "Product"-as-a-Service
  • Key figure management
  • Remote service support
  • Assistance system for set-up processes
  • Energy monitoring
  • Consulting
  • Assistance system for maintenance processes

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