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The established business models of many companies are facing a shift towards product and service combinations: Product development is becoming system development. The goal is to plan the life cycle of a customer-oriented service, secure the business case and implement it together with partners. Networking and mastering the new interfaces are major challenges for established processes and organizations. Close cooperation between teams in the areas of development, design, production, service and marketing is necessary in order to create innovative and competitive products for the future.

Sustainable product development is based on Systems Engineering and provides answers to the drivers of change.


New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are opening up new opportunities for innovative products and product development. It is important to build up the right expertise and integrate innovative technologies into product development.


Modern products and services are becoming increasingly complex, as they are based on a multitude of functions, sensors, software and connectivity. Systems Engineering enables all these components to be considered in an integrated manner.

Networking and interoperability

Products no longer stand alone, but are integrated into a larger ecosystem. The challenge is to ensure that products can interact seamlessly and securely with other devices, platforms and systems.


Increasing environmental awareness and stricter regulations are forcing products to be designed in a consistently sustainable way. The intelligent combination of materials, design, manufacturing processes and service concepts makes it possible to reduce the ecological footprint over the product life cycle.

Customer expectations

Customers have increasingly high expectations of products in terms of performance, quality, user-friendliness and individualization. It is essential to focus on customer needs and provide real added value.

Time and cost management

Competition is increasing the pressure for even faster and more efficient development. The answers lie in intelligent platforms and massive virtualization and digitalization.

Model-based Systems Engineering along the product lifecycle

Consulting Services for Systems Engineering

Vision and plan for the Transformation

Your challenges:

  • Noticeable deficits or inefficiencies in your product development
  • Lack of orientation in the face of many challenges and initiatives 
  • Pending direction and investment decisions for working methods, qualification and tools

UNITY solution approach:

  • Develop a clear, quantitative and communicable strategy for your R&D 
  • Identify the need for action to achieve your business goals in a future-proof manner
  • Orchestrate, communicate and agree upon a roadmap for a holistic transformation 
  • Reliable business cases for each maturity level step on the roadmap

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State-of-the-art development: model-based, agile, traceable!

Your challenges:

  • High expenses and costs due to complex structures and established working methods 
  • Inadequate or complicated handling of regulatory requirements

UNITY solution approach:

  • Development of end-to-end process chains and tool chains with current solutions from MBSE, AI, simulation, industrial metaverse to agile systems engineering 
  • Integration of specifications from maturity standards (ASPICE), safety (ISO61509, 26262), cyber security (CRA), sustainability (CSR) into lean development processes
Encourage and challenge!

Your challenges:

  • Unclear picture of Systems Engineering and its operational implementation 
  • Lack of qualification in terms of breadth and depth of the team 
  • Lack of guidance from experts in the practical introduction and operational support 

UNITY solution approach:

  • Develop an understanding of new working methods and decision-making processes in engineering - awareness sessions for users and decision-makers 
  • Enable Systems Engineers in accordance with the demanding SE-ZERT© standard with Level B and C certification 
  • Provide"real-life" support for development projects with role-specific training and coaching sessions

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Hands-on project work!

Your challenges:

  • Extensive need for support in operational Systems Engineering applications 
  • Desire for customized working methods rather than just textbook knowledge 
  • Short and medium-term on-the-job qualifications for your own team 

UNITY solution approach:

  • Depending on the maturity of the established structures, experienced Systems Engineers support as coaches or take over project responsibility 
  • Provision of methodology sets and best practices as a guideline for designing the best solution for the project 
  • Broad know-how for project setup, Systems Engineering, change and transformation, supplemented by technical know-how and implementation expertise within the UNITY Innovation Alliance


Actively shape change!

Your challenges:

  • Transparent management of long-term and complex changes 
  • Shaping change in the company through committed and motivated employees 
  • Uncertainties about costs and benefits as well as the associated measurement of success    

UNITY solution approach:

  • Holistic planning of the transformation at the levels of technology, processes/methods, organization, IT with defined maturity levels 
  • Involvement of employees from the very beginning in setting objectives, designing, communicating and rolling out new structures 
  • Continuous assessment of measures and results based on business objectives - based on projects and processes

Project Stories in Digital R&D

  • Development of Future Scenarios
  • Process analysis for an integrated view of the DMU equipment process
  • Successful Technology Strategy Delivers Comfort in the Cabin Area
  • Graduated scheme to establish an integrated Systems Engineering approach
  • Uniformly defined product development process
  • Systems Engineering Quick Check
  • Systems Engineering Certification Training
  • Innovative sewing and assistance system
  • Systems Engineering Training & Coaching
  • Systems Engineering Training Program
  • Efficiency Increase in Development Projects
  • Reduced project duration by restructuring the R&D Department
  • Products and the R&D organization positioned for the future
  • Systems Engineering Certification Training
  • Worldwide PDM System Replacement
  • External Project Management and Coaching for PLM Implementation

Enquire now: Your path to the product development of the future

R&D Readiness Check Light
R&D Management
1-2 Weeks

With the R&D Readiness Check, we have developed an approach that allows you to assess your status quo and define specific measures.

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R&D Readiness Check Advanced
R&D Management
4-6 Weeks

With the R&D Readiness Check, we have developed an approach that allows you to assess your status quo and define specific measures.

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R&D Readiness Check Premium
R&D Management
8-12 Weeks

With the R&D Readiness Check, we have developed an approach that allows you to assess your status quo and define specific measures.

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Systems Engineering Awareness Session
Systems Engineering Training
1 day

Together, we establish the relevance and benefits of SE and create an awareness of the transformation required for the application of SE.

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Systems Engineering Qualification Program
Systems Engineering Training
Depending on project size

UNITY supports transformation processes in R&D with tailored qualification programs.

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E-Learning Systems Engineering
Systems Engineering Training
Depending on project size

UNITY offers a wide range of content for company-specific e-learning and adapts it flexibly to industries, companies and products.

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Systems Engineering Coaching
Systems Engineering Training
Depending on project size

Supervision of a product development project and support with operational and systems engineering tasks.

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Systems Engineering Advanced Training
Systems Engineering Training
Depending on project size

UNITY offers various topic-specific training courses that can be adapted to your company.

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Systems Engineering Basic Training
Systems Engineering Training
Depending on project size

Through practical theory and exercises, participants gain a basic understanding of the key principles, processes and methods of SE.

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SE-ZERT® Level C
Systems Engineering Training
2-3 months

Open SE training courses according to SE-ZERT® Level C. Virtual training modules including intensive exam preparation.

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SE-ZERT® Level B
Systems Engineering Training
Approx. 3 months

Open SE training courses according to SE-ZERT® Level B. Hybrid format - split with on-site appointments and virtual modules including exam

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  • What is Systems Engineering?

    A simple definition is: Systems Engineering enables the interdisciplinary development of products and services. It addresses the product and/or service to be developed as well as the associated project and organization. Accordingly, Systems Engineering is an enabler for the complex systems of tomorrow.

  • Who needs Systems Engineering?

    Every company that develops complex technical products needs Systems Engineering. The question of "whether" and "how much" Systems Engineering is driven by the positioning of the company in the market and in competition -- the Systems Engineering strategy is derived from this.

  • What is Digital Engineering?

    Digital Engineering describes the consistent use of digital technologies and tools from the conception and design through to the manufacturing and maintenance of products or systems. It includes the use of software, simulations, virtual prototypes, data analysis and other digital tools to make the entire product life cycle more efficient and effective.

  • What is Advanced Systems Engineering?

    Advanced Systems Engineering (ASE) is a term coined by acatech, the National Academy of Science and Engineering, for the multidisciplinary development of complex technical systems. Advanced systems (networked, with inherent intelligence) are developed using Systems Engineering and Advanced Engineering (use of virtual, model-based and AI methods).

  • What are Engineering Data Spaces?

    Engineering Data Spaces (such as Catena-X) are platforms or environments that are specifically designed for the management and exchange of technical data and information in product development. They serve as a central location where engineers and other stakeholders can access, share, edit and manage relevant data.

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