External Project Management and Coaching for PLM Implementation

Product Data Management Using YODA

Initial Situation and Project Objectives

Sitech represents a high level of competence in the development and just-in-time production of motor vehicle seats for the brands within the Volkswagen group. In order to expand this competence within the customer, partner and supplier network with a view toward the future, the company relies on the representation of its product data using a product life cycle management system.

The flexibility of the selected software solution, which represents the product development process and integrates the strengths of existing systems, is a very important factor for Sitech. A company-wide reporting system condenses the data of both systems in terms of a management cockpit. The sustained integration of managerial data plays a decisive role.

Tasks of UNITY

The decision to go with the consistent implementation of product life cycle management while integrating new and existing IT systems entailed an underlying analysis of the requirements within the company. After the requirements specification was prepared, UNITY was entrusted with the project planning and the external project management for a team made up of employees from the company and from the PLM system house.

The project development process was the main focus of the observation. On the one hand, UNITY was working on the integration of the PLM system into the existing system environment and on the other hand on the sustained acceptance of the PLM system among management and employees. A rapid launch of the new software across all corporate divisions was the customer’s key requirement.

Benefits for the Client

The completely launched product data management system was successfully established at Sitech under the project name YODA. It provides current and binding data and information in a central location. The system supports the project work during the product development process and ensures the linking of processes for procurement and design of the prototypes. The system operates globally and integrates all of the Sitech locations and suppliers worldwide.

Consistent product data management enables Sitech to free up capacities for additional projects. Coordination efforts and lead times in product development are standardized and shortened. Design data and key project figures are available in the system and enable systematic project management and controlling.

“The rapid and complete launch of the PLM system is crucial for Sitech. We selected an efficient and flexible tool and launched it without a hitch over a broad area with the help of UNITY's professional project management. The system was very well received by management and employees alike. We were thus able to quickly mobilize the potential value of this solution.”

Dr. Dirk Wolter

Head of IT, Processes & Organization

Sitech Sitztechnik GmbH

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