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Even beyond our customer projects!

Sustainability & Responsibility

We are aware of our responsibility towards our customers, partners and employees. As a guideline for our actions, the UNITY Code of Conduct specifies binding standards for responsible conduct towards our business partners and the public as well as within our company, e.g. compliance with internationally recognized human and employee rights. Based on the ESG factors (Environmental, Social, Governance), we are constantly developing new measures that promote a conscious approach to the environment, comply with our high social standards and ensure sustainable corporate governance. Throughout the UNITY Innovation Alliance, we work together with our employees to actively protect the climate and resources: the results to date include 571 m² of photovoltaic surfaces and 15 charging stations for electric vehicles.

Our commitment to ESG forms the solid foundation of our corporate responsibility - but our responsibilities go even further than that. We support a number of aid projects, are involved in a variety of associations and clubs, invest in education and promote community and sport. We are proud that our corporate social responsibility is not only anchored in our corporate structures, but also in the hearts of our employees: with fundraising campaigns initiated for the Ahr Valley flood disaster in 2021 and for the victims of the earthquake in Syria in 2023, together we are making a positive change in the world and going beyond merely complying with ESG criteria.




Environmental, Social, Governance

The UN Global Compact is the world's largest and most important initiative for responsible corporate governance. Find out more about our participation!

UNITY is geared towards a sustainable future -- which is why our environmental management is certified according to ÖKOPROFIT®.

The German Sustainability Code (Deutsche Nachhaltigkeitskodex DNK) is a cross-industry transparency standard for reporting on corporate sustainability performance. Find out more about our DNK statement.

EcoVadis is an assessment platform for the sustainability of global supply chains. The scorecards make it easier to understand, track and improve your own environmental, social and ethical performance.

Diversity makes us successful

As a driving force for innovation and the skills needed for the future, we protect and promote the potential of our diversity -- and give all of our employees the creative freedom they need to develop future-oriented solutions together with our customers. Together, we create a working environment that is characterized by appreciation, openness, truth and clarity. Find out more about Diversity@UNITY now!

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