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The chemical industry is facing serious challenges. Competitive pressure is demanding rapid organizational changes. Customer orientation is becoming increasingly important, while business models are changing. A balance needs to be struck between efficiency and the pressure to innovate. In addition, the consideration of sustainable practices, in particular the circular economy, is becoming more of a priority. Only if circular economy approaches are integrated into the core activities of chemical companies, can they ensure their future viability. Another important step towards sustainability is the industry's willingness to embrace new forms of collaboration with different stakeholders. This means joining forces with government, environmental organizations, customers and other stakeholders to develop joint solutions that include the entire value chain. Finally, harmonizing standards is of great importance to facilitate the introduction of circular practices on an international level. Uniform standards and regulations can promote global trade in sustainable chemical products and support the industry on its path to sustainability.

We offer tailor-made strategies and identify risks, optimize processes and maximize the use of resources. With a focus on change management and leadership development, we support the successful implementation of change. Our expertise promotes an innovation-driven future viability of your company, always focused on securing your competitive advantage.


Consulting Services for the Chemical Industry

Project Stories in the Chemical Industry

  • BMW Motorrad "Global Dealer Academy"
  • The “Future of Work”
  • 战略实施、流程管理、领导力调整 (仅提供英文版本)
  • Project Management Training
  • Agile product development coaching
  • IT strategy & transformation program
  • Digital Academy
  • Set-up of Innovation-Front-End and Open Innovation Structures
  • Strategic conception of an Innovation Classroom
  • Systems Engineering Training Program
  • Development of the innogy CyberRange-e
  • Conception and ramp-up of a Digital Campus

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Lars Holländer

Head of Sustainability & Circular Economy

Stuttgart, Germany
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Dr. Michael Herbst

Partner, Head of Business Area

Cologne, Germany
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Thilo Böhm

Partner, Head of Business Area

Paderborn, Germany
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