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Cyber Security

In the digital age, companies are increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats such as hacking, malware and data breaches. These threats not only put confidential information at risk, but can also cause significant financial losses and damage to a company's reputation.

Technologies are evolving rapidly, as are the tactics used by cybercriminals. This makes it essential for organizations to stay up to date on the latest trends and best practices in cybersecurity. Our team of experts can help your organization identify potential threats, design effective security measures and stay on top of emerging trends and opportunities.

By working with us, you can minimize the risk of cyber attacks and avoid damage to your company. We work with you to develop customized information security strategies that fit your business goals and budget. We work with you to break down the strategies into concrete, actionable and sustainable measures to ensure your business remains secure in an ever-changing threat landscape.

Don't wait until it's too late to protect your business from cyber threats. Contact us today to find out how we can secure the future of your business.

Mithilfe von UNITY-Consulting-Services vor Cyber-Angriffen schützen

  • Identify

    • Organisatorische Positionierung zur Handhabung von Risiken
    • Asset Inventory Management
    • Rollen und Verantwortung
    • Prozesse, Richtlinien und Framework
    • Risikomanagement: Schwachstellen, Bedrohungen
  • Protect

    • Etablierung von Sicherheitsmechanismen
    • Zugriffskontrolle auf Informationen und Systeme
    • Sensibilisierung und Training
    • Datensicherheit
    • Wartung von Systemen
    • Einsatz schützender Technologie
  • Detect

    • Aufdecken von Sicherheitsvorfällen
    • Anomalien und Vorfälle
    • Kontinuierliches Sicherheitsmonitoring
    • Aufdeckungsprozess
  • Respond

    • Planung der Reaktion auf Sicherheitsvorfälle
    • Reaktionsplanung
    • Üben der Reaktionspläne
    • Einbeziehung aller internen und externen Stakeholder
  • Recover

    • Wiederherstellung des Normalbetriebs nach einem Vorfall
    • Planung der Wiederherstellung
    • Verbesserungen der Wiederherstellungspläne
    • Kommunikation mit internen und externen Stakeholdern

Our Consulting Services in Cyber Security

Manage security effectively

Your challenges:

  • It is important to protect your company effectively against cyber threats with a risk-based security organization. The organizational structures must be managed holistically from a technological, organizational and procedural perspective.

UNITY solution approach:

  • Develop a customized information security strategy
  • Introduce a management system with a related framework
  • Establish and empower organizational structures

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Designing production to be cyber-resilient

Your challenges:

  • Industrial production facilities are undergoing a radical transformation in the context of automation and digitalization. Operational technology (OT) requires special security concepts.

UNITY solution approach:

  • Develop an OT security strategy
  • Develop OT asset management
  • Continuity and backup strategies

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Raise awareness among employees and managers

Your challenges:

  • Your company's security doesn't just depend on technology. Most cyber security incidents result from human error. Enable your employees to make security-relevant decisions.

UNITY solution approach

  • Individual awareness workshops for managers and technical experts
  • Develop and implement customized training programs
  • Develop Cyber Security Academy & Communities

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IT security as the foundation of digitalization

Your challenges

  • A secure IT architecture is crucial to protect your company from modern cyber attacks. IT architectures should take into account the specific requirements of your company and offer protection for users, devices and applications.

UNITY solution approach

  • Secure IT transformation to the cloud and migration of legacy IT
  • Identity-based zero trust approaches
  • Develop, implement and monitor secure IT architectures

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Bring secure products to market and keep them there

Your challenges

  • Embedded software is omnipresent: vehicles, industrial plants, smart devices. Security must be considered across the entire life cycle of a product -- including the digital backbone.

UNITY solution approach

  • Gap analysis with regard to legal requirements (UN ECE, Cyber Resilience Act, MDR)
  • Organizational and process design of product development and market phase
  • Risk assessments in the product development process

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Request now: Your path to a secure future

Cyber Security Awareness for Managers
Cyber Security
1 Day

Awareness Workshop for managers on the topic of Cyber Security.

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Security Champion Training
Cyber Security
13 Weeks part-time

Intensive training lasting several weeks with specialist lectures, interactive exercises, demonstrations of tools and instruments.

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Added value with UNITY

UNITY makes information security tangible

Cyber security must be a top priority for senior management as they are responsible for protecting against cyber attacks. That's why we offer world-class cyber security services to help CEOs/CISOs stay one step ahead. The reasons for choosing UNITY as a trusted cyber security partner are:

Pertinent to management

Cyber security is multi-layered and complex. We know how to identify the need for action in a way that is appropriate for decision-makers and link it to the overall digitalization agenda.

Strong implementation

We don't stop at concepts. We help our customers to integrate cyber security into everyday business for the long term. 


We are proactive and focus on immediate results in order to stay one step ahead of threats.

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Project stories in Cyber Security

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    Development of the innogy CyberRange-e

    Business Model Development and Operationalization

    An in-house training center, the "CyberRange-e", was set up to provide in-depth education and training for employees in IT and OT areas, where the company's own employees have been trained in a realistic environment since mid-2019. This project was approached in a structured manner together with UNITY: First, the competitive landscape for realistic cyber security training was examined and interviews were conducted with potential target customers in order to then derive the target position of the CyberRange-e ecosystem.

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    Digital target image and funding application

    Consulting for the Hospital Future Act

    • Creation of a digital target picture and formulation of digital guiding principles in the dimensions of processes, patients, employees, quality, organization and culture
    • Identification, prioritization and selection of eligible projects in accordance with the target picture
    • Ensuring compliance with the mandatory criteria and legal requirements for IT security measures
    • Selection of potential providers in accordance with user requirements
    • Completion of applications and upload of all content and attachments to the NRW online portal
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    Hospital Group

    Consultation as part of the Hospital Future Act: Digital target picture and overall project management (planned budget ~ € 45 million, > 20 locations, > 100 applications)

    • Implementation of project management
    • Creation of a digital target picture along the process map, taking into account the overall strategy of the hospital group
    • Implementation of vision workshops under the direction of UNITY
    • As-is analysis of the hospital network
    • Conducted empowerment workshops to build skills in the digitalization teams of the various companies
    • Preparation of applications: Creation of templates for project profiles and project outlines 
    • Support during the application process: Creation of templates for final funding applications (sample applications & quality control of applications)

Cyber Security Insights

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