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Innovation Management

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Innovations are complex and challenging, yet essential to ensure the future success of your company. In order to meet challenges such as shorter technology cycles, new legislative guidelines and other constantly changing influencing factors, innovation strategies and structures must be rethought.

Targeted, focused and strategic innovation management helps you:

  • …Do not leave your strategy to chance! We help you build clear portfolio structures to focus, manage, measurement and control your innovation activities.
  • …Synchronize types of innovation! We support you in setting up the right processes, methods, tools and capabilities to combine innovations in products, processes, services and business models!
  • …Optimally orchestrate and harmonize the most diverse organizational departments with each other! We can support you to conceptionalize and establish the appropriate department in the Digital Innovation Lab, a central innovation management or a New Venture department.
  • …Drive digitalization and sustainability! We show you how to use your innovation management as a instrument for transformation!
  • …Look at your innovation process holistically! Don't stop at the development stage! We look at your process from the strategy to the successful market launch and product relaunch!
  • tap into new growth potential! We support you in identifying new business areas, tracking down gaps in the market and developing innovative products and services that offer your customers real added value.

Taking action is like wanting to do something, only better! Pragmatism is in demand! With more than 25 years of innovation experience, we offer you a variety of ways to achieve success and ensure your innovation ROI quickly and effectively! From conducting individual ideation workshops to structuring your innovation organization holistically!

Innovate successfully with our approach to Innovation Management

Consulting Services for Innovation Management

Uncover potential – reach the next level!

Your challenges:

  • Lack of transparency about the maturity of the innovation system
  • Necessary optimizations and unused potentials are not recognized, resulting in lost efficiency and effectiveness
  • Low innovation ROI leads to dissatisfaction at all levels

UNITY solution approach:

  • Analyze the innovation system with the help of the customizable UNITY Innovation Maturity Check to determine the degree of maturity
  • Derive optimization approaches based on the maturity level
  • Conduct a detailed evaluation including identified potentials and measures within a Master Plan of Actions
  • Implementation of a tracking system to measure the impact of implemented measures on the innovation ROI

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Don't leave success to chance!

Your challenges:

  • Lack of synchronization of various strategies e.g., corporate, innovation and digital strategy
  • Lack of strategic framework leads to inefficient control mechanisms and frustrated stakeholders

UNITY solution approach:

  • Develop a consistent innovation strategy that is aligned with the company's goals, including a target picture
  • Derive innovation search fields supported by a market, customer, technology and IP analysis
  • Involve all relevant stakeholders and communicate results for transparency
  • Implementation of a system to regularly evaluate the strategic direction and effectiveness of innovation initiatives


Lab, Hub, Accelerator, Incubator, Campus?

Your challenges:

  • Decentralized innovation activities leads to unused synergy potentials and expensive redundancies
  • Lack of harmonization of the various places where innovation is developed in the company

UNITY solution approach:

  • Based on your strategy and maturity level, we identify - together with you - the appropriate innovation organization for your company.
  • Development of a target operating model including governance structures
  • Through our holistic approach to organizational development, we always keep an eye on the implications for people, technology and process
  • Implementation of KPIs to measure the success of the restructured innovation organization in terms of cost reduction and innovation output
The kick-start to sustainable transformation!

Your challenges:

  • Lack of a reference point and ideas on where to start with sustainability transformation
  • Employees and managers are insufficiently made aware of, motivated and enabled on the topic of sustainability in the innovation process
  • Lack of impulses to rethink existing products, services, and/ or business models as part of sustainability

UNITY solution approach:

  • Our Fast Track formats offer you the possibility to generate new ideas of selected focus areas in an interdisciplinary way and in the shortest possible time, to test them with concrete prototypes and transfer them into projects.
  • Implementation of a system to monitor progress in the sustainability transformation using clear indicators

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Boost your innovation now!

Your challenges:

  • Lack of innovation formats that deliver validated innovation concepts quickly, creatively and with the involvement of diverse stakeholders
  • Few employees involved in innovation development

UNITY solution approach:

  • Ideation Workshop: In 1-2 days, new innovative ideas are developed collaboratively using "state-of-the-art" methods
  • Innovation Boostcamp: In 5 days, topic-specific ideas including a sound basis for decision-making and initial prototypes are generated.
  • Hackathon: In a 3-day hackathon event with an additional 1-2 week inspiration & education phase, you will solve challenges of the future together with experts and impulse providers.
  • Development of KPIs to evaluate the success of the ideas and innovation concepts developed in workshops

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Grow beyond your own limits!

Your challenges:

  • Corporate structures, processes, and values do not allow for valuable new venture activities
  • New venture initiatives are not successfully mapped and implemented in the existing innovation process

UNITY solution approach:

  • Gain inspiration on possible potentials through New Venture activities
  • Develop structures and processes through which new venture initiatives fall on fertile ground
  • Benefit from our many years of experience in the spin-off of corporate start-ups and the management of holdings

Request now: Your entry into innovation management

Innovation Maturity Check Advanced
Future Business
1 Month

Together with you, we adapt the Maturity Check procedure to your focus topics and challenges.

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Innovation Maturity Check Light
Future Business
1-2 Weeks

Analysis of the maturity level of your innovation management based on a standardized procedure.

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Innovation Maturity Check Premium
Future Business
2-3 Months

Use a detailed maturity analysis tailored to your needs to develop an action plan based on the areas of activity that have been identified!

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Ideation Workshop
Future Business
1-2 Day Workshop

UNITY Fast Track format to identify and prioritize focus topics within a selected context.

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Innovation Boostcamp
Future Business
4-5 Day Boostcamp

UNITY Fast Track format for initial prototype development and validation.

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Hackathon program
Future Business
2-3 Months

UNITY Fast Track format to concretize prototypes and develop an action plan to pilot prioritized prototypes.

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How we can support you

Planning and support in idea campaigns and idea roadmaps
Business case and business model validation
MVP development and validation

Selected Project Stories Innovation Management

  • Innovation architecture at Viega

    Uniform idea management process for internal and external ideas

    • Definition and design of the idea management process and development of a uniform evaluation and decision logic
    • Development of a concept for structured idea generation in the form of innovation campaigns and implementation of pilot campaigns
    • Integration of the process into the existing Viega IT environment
    • Development of a rollout concept with derivation of the necessary roles and anchoring of the roles in the organization
  • Technology Boostcamp at Lufthansa Technik

    “Fast-track” format for technology-based process optimization.

    • Conception of a cross-divisional Boostcamp format
    • Development and individualization of methods, tools and templates
    • Content & methodical planning and moderation of the international pilot Boostcamp
    • Lessons learned and further development of the concept for group-wide establishment

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  • Digital Campus at Diehl Aviation

    Holistic conception of a campus to promote innovation excellence

    • Targeted and transparent alignment through the joint development of the value proposition and the service portfolio
    • Development of the governance and operating model for efficient operationalization
    • Increasing the speed of implementation by setting up end-to-end processes
    • Increasing usability and minimizing risk through a step-by-step approach
  • Initial setup of an innovation management
  • Strategic R&D focus
  • Setting a foundation for future-oriented innovation management
  • Set-up of Innovation-Front-End and Open Innovation Structures
  • Technology Process Boostcamp
  • Implementing a company-wide Innovation Management
  • Innovative sewing and assistance system
  • Optimizing the innovation process and portfolio management
  • Innovation Management – from Strategy to IT Implementation
  • Concrete use cases and relevant technologies identified
  • Implementation of Portfolio Management capabilities

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Insights into Innovation Management

UNITY Innovation Circle

Once a year we host the UNITY INNOVATIONCIRCLE. In a private, exclusive round of 40-60 top decision-makers, we meet for an intensive exchange on current topics in the areas of innovation and foresight, as well as for networking purposes. For the participants, the INNOVATIONCIRCLE is an excellent opportunity to address their own challenges. These select invitations are exclusive and non-transferable. Our next INNOVATIONCIRCLE will take place on November 7, 2024. If you are interested, please contact us!


Contacts for Innovation Management

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Head of Business Transformation & Enablement

Hamburg, Germany
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Head of Business Area

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Dr. Michael Herbst

Partner, Head of Business Area

Cologne, Germany
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Magnus Meier

Partner, Head of Business Area

Munich/Stuttgart, Germany
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Michael Wolf

Partner, Head of Business Area

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Kristin Korsmeier

Senior Team Leader, Senior Manager

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