Increased efficiency through process optimization and automation

Process Optimization and Digitalization

How efficient processes can transform your business

In times of economic challenges, SMEs and industrial companies are facing intense challenges. The need to develop efficient processes and compensate for the shortage of skilled workers through automation is crucial to a company's success. We offer targeted solutions that are designed to meet these challenges effectively.

The shortage of skills is mitigated through the use of automation technologies such as no-code/low-code platforms and Automated Process Discovery. These enable faster and more flexible adaptation to changes without having to rely on extensive technical resources. Adaptive Process Management addresses the need to constantly adapt processes to changing market conditions and provides organizations with the ability to dynamically design and efficiently manage process flows.

Our services focus on the targeted improvement of your processes as the basis for successful business transformation. We focus intensively on technologies for process automation and optimization using AI, process mining, etc. We support companies in accelerating their digital transformation to ensure efficient adaptation to the market and secure long-term competitive advantages.

Consulting Services in Process Optimization and Digitalization

Your challenges / questions:
  • Reduction of throughput times by 30% through increased efficiency
  • Rapid increase in process maturity in development
  • Increase market responsiveness by 50% through automation
  • Identification and sustainable reduction of rejects
  • Improve customer satisfaction by 30% through increased responsiveness
UNITY solution approach:
  • Create transparency in your company processes.
  • Uncover and utilize all potential for improvement in the processes.
  • Align the processes with company goals.
  • Identify and eliminate inefficiencies to increase performance.
  • Introduce and enable the team to use analysis methods such as SWOT analysis, Ishikawa, FMEA.
  • Establish meaningful key figures for process control.
  • Ensure target achievement through efficient process control.

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Your challenges / questions:
  • Reduce operating costs by 30% through the use of AI.
  • Double the ROI for digitalization initiatives.
  • Increase process efficiency by 25% annually.
  • Increase sales effectiveness by 40%.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by 20% without investment.
UNITY solution approach:
  • Use of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to automate repetitive and manual tasks.
  • Integration of ERP systems to optimize business processes and data management.
  • Implementation of digital workflows to increase process efficiency.
  • Operational data analysis for improved decision-making processes.
  • Empowerment of employees for increased digital competence.
  • Increased flexibility and scalability through cloud migration.
  • More effective monitoring and control of production processes through IoT technology.
  • Improvement of customer interaction and satisfaction through the use of AI and chatbots.
Your challenges / questions:
  • Lack of overview and control over process flows. 
  • Rigidity in the organizational structure that prevents rapid adjustments. 
  • Lack of implementation of an effective continuous improvement process. 
  • Insufficient planning and implementation in process management.
  • Bottlenecks and unused optimization opportunities in existing processes.
UNITY solution approach:
  • Creation of a clear and comprehensive overview of all business processes.
  • Development of an agile organizational structure that enables rapid adjustments.
  • Introduction and implementation of an effective continuous improvement process.
  • Precise planning and successful implementation of BPM strategies.
  • Elimination of bottlenecks and exploitation of all optimization opportunities for increased efficiency.

The Process Optimizer

AI-assisted solutions

Due to the increasing maturity of new technologies, the number of options for optimizing processes is growing and becoming more complex. We help you to focus your process optimization activities. The UNITY Process Optimizer accesses existing databases and offers solutions for the following issues through AI-assisted analysis:

  • How great is the overall digitalization potential? 
  • Which technologies are relevant in all processes? 
  • Which processes are best suited to digitalization? 
  • What are specific digitalization pilots within a process step?

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Project stories in Process Optimization and Digitalization

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  • Optimized corporate wide consistent business processes and system-neutral performance specifications

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