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Design and optimize E2E processes

ADO OMEGA combines processes and architecture

With OMEGA, we can ensure that models are integrated and consistent. The platform makes it possible to simplify the complexity of corporate structures and make them transparent, which increases efficiency in decision-making. It also offers flexible customization options for individual company needs, resulting in a tailor-made solution for process and architecture management. In addition, OMEGA promotes collaboration between different departments by creating a common language and basis of understanding for everyone involved.

Our expertise in E2E processes

Understanding correlations, making valid decisions

Discover the advantages of system-supported enterprise architecture and process management with ADO OMEGA. 

  • You maintain a comprehensive view of your enterprise architecture and can make well-founded strategic decisions. 
  • The complex interrelationships between organizational management, process management, IT management and data management are made tangible and unnecessary risks are avoided.
  • Improve cooperation between departments.

Make it transparent within the company what impact decisions have on organizations, processes, systems and data.

Processes, organization, data and IT. One method of mapping for all cases

Take advantage of the benefits of OMEGA process mapping in your transformation projects. With its integrated depiction of business processes, IT systems and business data, OMEGA offers a process-oriented view of your architecture. With its simple and standardized visualization, OMEGA enables clear communication between business experts and IT teams.

The high level of integration into architecture management gives you holistic control for making strategic decisions and effectively achieving your corporate goals. Harness the power of OMEGA process mapping and transform your company into an efficient and future-oriented organization.

More than just a project tool

The go-live of a project marks an important milestone, but success does not end there. It is crucial to understand the implemented concepts and dependencies in the long term and to keep them up to date. With ADO OMEGA, you have the right tool for transformation projects, but also for the long-term management of your enterprise architectures and processes.

Assign responsibilities to business capabilities, processes or systems and keep your decision-making basis up to date. Use audit options to assess the maturity level of systems or processes and allocate resources to improvement projects in a targeted manner.

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ERP Audit
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2-3 Weeks

With a systematic analysis of your business processes, we identify the potentials for optimization.

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ERP Transformation
10-Day package

Implementation of a holistic analysis of your business processes and structures for your success.

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We work with you to optimize your IT landscape for maximum efficiency.

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  • Where can I buy ADO Omega?

    ADO OMEGA is a product of the company BOC. The notation OMEGA was incorporated into the product by UNITY. ADO OMEGA can be ordered directly from BOC.

    UNITY is your expert for all questions related to architecture management and process optimization. We look forward to advising you on how to create a target-oriented architecture with ADO OMEGA.

  • Can I also create BPMN processes with ADO OMEGA?

    Unfortunately, this is not yet possible. However, this is planned for future releases. 
    During this time, the product Adonis from BOC is also available as an alternative BPMN process platform.

  • Is ADO OMEGA just a project tool?

    No, ADO OMEGA goes beyond a project tool and supports the long-term management of enterprise architectures and processes, including responsibility assignments and audit options.

  • What added value does ADO OMEGA provide for ERP transformations?

    ADO OMEGA supports ERP transformations by analyzing and optimizing business processes and IT landscapes in order to identify targeted potential for improvement.

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