ERP Audit

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Increase the efficiency of your company

Our highly qualified team of consultants offers you a comprehensive review of your ERP system in order to uncover differences between the current status and the desired target status. With a systematic analysis of your company's management processes, core processes and support processes, we identify optimization potential in a targeted manner. We also support you with ongoing projects in order to prioritize key aspects and ensure a successful go-live.

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1.Objective external perspective

2. Independent & product-neutral recommendation

3. Diverse expertise

4. Flexibility and future-proofing

5. Maximum selection options

Increased efficiency

The audit identifies optimization potential and develops targeted measures to increase efficiency.

Holistic analysis

The audit covers all relevant areas of the company to ensure that no aspect remains unconsidered.

Transparent cost structure

The audit services are calculated transparently and offer a clear cost-benefit analysis.

Competitive advantage

By optimizing the use of the ERP system, the company gains a clear competitive advantage and can react more efficiently to changes.

Package S

Service Offering
ERP Audit

ERP Audit

2-3 Weeks 

Starting from €50,000 

Your contacts for ERP Transformation

Arne Sierk

Head of Business Transformation & Enablement

Hamburg, Germany
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Dr. Michael Herbst

Partner, Head of Business Area

Cologne, Germany
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Magnus Meier

Partner, Head of Business Area

Munich/Stuttgart, Germany
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Dennis R. Schmidt

Partner, Senior Team Leader

Hamburg, Germany
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