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Business & IT Alignment

Aligning business and IT

Digitalization challenges companies to adapt quickly to changing conditions. New business models must be supported from the organization to the IT architecture. The shorter lifecycles and new technologies pose major challenges not only for IT but also for the business. The resulting complexity of legacy architectures can no longer be managed using conventional methods.

To meet this challenge, UNITY relies on a holistic management approach to ensure that business and IT are optimally aligned. In doing so, methods of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) and capability-based planning are used to make the complexity of growing corporate and IT architectures manageable. Based on the strategy, the required business capabilities and the business processes needed to implement them can be analyzed in order to subsequently determine the appropriate IT architecture.

The goal here is to continuously ensure that the requirements from the business and the solution modules from IT are aligned. It is therefore important to take a holistic view of the business and IT strategy and the corresponding architectures at the business and IT levels so that the necessary initiatives and projects for operationalization can be identified.

This end-to-end view provides a holistic overview at the business architecture level and enables a high degree of flexibility in the IT architecture in order to reduce migration and implementation costs. This increases IT service quality and efficiency when planning new initiatives and projects. Ultimately, this cross-organizational management approach promotes transparency and communication within the company.

Our Consulting Services for Business & IT Alignment

Transparency regarding the EAM maturity level in your company

Your challenges:

  • The potential of the structures already created is not known 
  • Differing understanding of EAM within the company
  • EAM processes and roles are unclear

UNITY solution approach:

  • Evaluate the strategic orientation in alignment with the EAM target image 
  • Evaluate the EAM processes, roles and committees as well as the interface to other business processes 
  • Evaluate the methods and tools used to support the EAM activities
Manage digitalization initiatives successfully

Your challenges:

  • Strategic changes have an impact on different business capabilities 
  • There is a lack of overview of the required business capabilities and their maturity in terms of strategy fulfillment 
  • Initiatives and projects are often not well coordinated and similar issues are dealt with in isolation and sometimes redundantly

UNITY solution approach:

  • Identify the business capabilities that are affected by a strategic change (corporate / IT strategy) 
  • Determine specific requirements for the processes, methods, tools and organization (including skills) needed to design the capability
  • Determine the initiatives and projects required to implement the identified requirements
Continuous Business & IT Alignment

Your challenges:

  • The requirements of the business and the technical solution do not match 
  • The business and IT architectures are decentralized and incompletely documented 
  • The effects of changes to architecture modules are not known

UNITY solution approach:

  • Holistic architecture management approach from strategy to system landscape 
  • Governance structures to ensure business & IT alignment and the linking of business and IT architectures

UNITY Enterprise Architecture (EAM) at a glance

Project stories in IT Transformation

  • Business transformation and digital advancement
  • 高效的 SAP 过渡 (仅提供英文版本)
  • Digital Reference Architecture LHT
  • Implementation of a Future Operating Model for IT
  • IT implementation
  • Development of a modern IT infrastructure
  • IT architecture and selection of systems
  • Target picture and use cases for the digital transformation
  • Digital Transformation of IT Organisation
  • Market Leadership in Smart Manufacturing
  • ERP Selection & Implementation for an innovative IoT Company
  • Development of Roadmap 2020
  • VR DigitalCheck
  • Networking beyond the stadium visit
  • Optimized corporate wide consistent business processes and system-neutral performance specifications
  • Implementation Digital@Covestro
  • End-to-end digital transformation with the UNITY Innovation Alliance
  • Intersectoral Networking in Healthcare
  • Creating added value for customers and company
  • Clear roles and responsibilities for IT and OT
  • Strategy and urban data platform

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