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Increasing digitalization, technological progress and growing competitive pressure have made software development a key success factor and competitive advantage for companies.

In view of this development, companies are increasingly facing demanding challenges with regard to the requirements for their software products and product development itself. Today, customers and users expect innovative software solutions that meet their specific needs and can be seamlessly integrated into their existing systems. The software must be reliable, error-free and high-performing in order to meet the requirements of a digitalized business environment. At the same time, development must be able to manage complex software projects, ensure faster time-to-market and build up new development skills in parallel.

In order to meet these challenges, it is crucial to continuously invest in improving their development efforts. Through targeted modernization of processes, the use of agile methods and architectural approaches as well as the successful integration of strategic partners, companies can successfully master the increasing complexity and develop effective, scalable software solutions.

UNITY offers its customers complete support on their path to successful software engineering. From product development and organizational development to the system and software architecture level, we support you in finding individual and sustainable solutions for your needs.

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Our Consulting Services Software Product Enablement

Transparency in software development

Your challenges:

  • Long release cycles
  • How effective is our software development practice
  • How good is our software infrastructure and environment?

UNITY solution approach:

  • Implement a software engineering maturity assessment in the dimensions: Culture & Processes, Collaboration & Exchange, Automation, Monitoring, Security & Governance 
  • Record the development processes and environment for comparison with UNITY reference standards 
  • Identify potentials and area of action

The most important areas of activity at a glance

Transformation of your IT department

Drive change in your IT and software development department

Architecture and solution design

Design, describe and manage solution development in relation to business requirements

Proxy Product Owner Excellence

We act as an intermediary between the developers and decision-makers about products

Software developer coaching

Sparring partner for developers to identify improvements and validate concepts

Develop solutions with partners

Close cooperation with your suppliers and contribution to the UNITY Innovation Alliance and the network

Optimization of development processes

Increase the flow rate and reduce technical debt. This increases the added value for customers.


Concepts for the operation and monitoring of the solution after deployment

UNITY has provided us with excellent support in developing and integrating digital service solutions for specific customer needs, thus creating significant added value. We not only appreciate the UNITY team's ability to develop a strategy, but more importantly its ability to implement and translate strategy into concrete actions in a market. Its knowledge of hospital IT solutions, artificial intelligence in healthcare and the hospital market complements with our expertise very well and thus makes our cooperation very constructive and valuable.
Jörg Storre
VP Global Lead Life Cycle Management
Vifor Pharma

Project stories in Digital Services

  • Smart City Data Platform
  • Analysis and Recommendations for the Blockchain Use Case “EVE”
  • Tezos Blockchain Pitch Deck
  • Innovative sewing and assistance system
  • Networking beyond the stadium visit

Your contacts in Software Product Enablement

Daniel Gaspers

Head of Digital Services

Paderborn, Germany
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Heiko Janssen

Partner, Head of Product Portfolio

Paderborn, Germany
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Dr.-Ing. Matthias Grünewald

Senior Manager

Cologne, Germany
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André Sonntag

Senior Consultant

Paderborn, Germany
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