Concrete use cases and relevant technologies identified

Strategy and process development to expand the technology portfolio

Beyond its core business in automated dispensing machines, BD Rowa looks at the entire supply chain in the pharmaceutical industry – from the manufacturer to logistics to the pharmacy or customer. In this context, the company set the goal of developing a concrete technology strategy in order to position itself to be even more future-oriented. The key question here was: Which innovative and promising technologies does BD Rowa need to establish or expand in order to further solidify its future success on the market? To complete this task, BD Rowa drew upon the expertise of the UNITY consultants.
First, future-oriented R&D ideas and initiatives were collected across all divisions. UNITY provided impulses on market and technology trends which helped to establish new ways of thinking. Together with UNITY, a set of KPIs was then developed to prioritize the initiatives in terms of their potentials for value creation and strategy alignment. Additional areas that were examined included the potentials of individual initiatives in possible adjacent markets and industries. Together, we were able to select the 20 most important initiatives and determine which technologies were required for implementation within a very short time. From these technologies, a transparent portfolio was created and a corresponding technology roadmap was developed. Subsequently, concrete measures were developed to establish  and expand these technologies in the areas of process, organization, capability management and R&D. BD Rowa benefited from the professional, structured and standardized approach of the UNITY consultants. The update process that was established in the project for maintaining the technology portfolio will now be applied in the company as a best practice.

Top 20 identified from 74 R&D initiatives, 17 future technologies derived

Technology strategy and roadmap with concrete measures created

Continuous process for the maintenance of the technology portfolio established

Building upon the UNITY approach that is simultaneously pragmatic and systematic, we have identified concrete use cases and relevant technologies for our future business. The insights gained can be turned into measures immediately and consistently."

Guillem Aranda Torrents

Director R&D

BD Rowa

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