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Future-proof through business model innovation

Technological advances, changing customer needs and new competitors are changing the rules of the game and value chains in many industries. Companies that fail to adapt to the new challenges run the risk of losing their competitive edge. In this context, the development of business models plays a crucial role. Companies must regularly rethink and redesign their own business models in order to continue to have long-term success and to be profitable.

This is not just about opening up new markets or integrating new technologies. Rather, it is about a fundamental change in the way a company thinks and acts. Sustainable business models require an agile and innovative mindset, a consistent customer focus, and close collaboration with external partners.

Develop successful business models with us! We support you in identifying and evaluating individual product and service ideas, transforming them into profitable business models and implementing them successfully.

Innovation & Business Model Booster

Business model development with UNITY

Through our systematic approach and expertise, we reduce the complexity of developing, introducing and operating business models. We minimize the risk of failure and increase the "return on innovation" by focusing on customer benefits.

With the UNITY "Innovation & Business Model Booster" we identify and test promising ideas early on. We coach and support your project teams as needed and provide "Innovation-as-a-Service". UNITY brings methodological expertise (design thinking, lean start-up) and experience in agile MVP development. We help to detail and evaluate the business model, e.g., through business cases, prototype design and validation, and architecture development.

With our experience in marketing new business models, we support you in designing the right go-to-market strategy to develop the market potential.

Consulting services for Business Models

Conception of an attractive and customer-centric business model

Your challenges

  • Unclear value proposition and target customers
  • Problems in defining value creation logic and the interrelationships of various business model aspects
  • Difficulties in evaluating the role and influence of network partners

UNITY solution approach

  • Strategic embedding of the business model and derivation of requirements
  • Identification of customer segments, target customers and interactions
  • Analysis of the value network
  • Use of KPIs to monitor and optimise the market relevance and customer response of the business model
Early validation of the critical assumptions of a new business model

Your challenges

  • Lack of evidence for needs and acceptance of customers and partners
  • Unclear success and risk factors
  • Uncertainties regarding revenue and cost drivers

UNITY solution approach

  • Validate assumptions using the UNITY 3+1 rule (technology, application, benefit, and customer).
  • Conduct market research, customer or user studies
  • Qualitative identification and evaluation of influencing factors, revenue and cost drivers
  • Derive and prioritize promising business model scenarios
  • Quantitative analysis of the validation results to precisely measure the effectiveness of the business model scenarios
Evaluation of the ROI potential and implementation support of the new business model

Your challenges

  • Unclear competitive situation
  • Uncertainties regarding the financial impact of a new business model
  • Unclear risks
  • Resource bottlenecks during market launch

UNITY solution approach

  • Conducting market, environment and competitive analyses for positioning purposes
  • Modeling of calculation variables and logics
  • Calculation of business case scenarios
  • Development of KPIs for operationalization 
  • Development of target operating model and action items for implementation

Target Operating Model

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Project stories Business Models

  • Fair Value Opinion – AI in Air Traffic Management
  • Guiding numerous Microsoft Partners into the Business of the Future
  • Business model development
  • Identification of new business potentials with future scenarios
  • Development of a Digital Service Business Model
  • Further expansion of a B2C platform business model for B2B partners
  • Award-winning sustainability project
  • Artificial intelligence in air traffic management – quantitative business model assessment

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