Identification of new business potentials with future scenarios

Scenarios for Strategic Orientation of Innovation Management

Market mechanisms change extremely fast in the B2C business. In addition to having the ability to anticipate trends in design, taste and packaging, Melitta also wants to actively shape value creation within the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry through strategic and long-term foresight. Along the entire value chain – from production, logistics, point of sale, to product and consumer behavior – UNITY created alternative future scenarios with Melitta‘s innovation department and its internal experts from strategy and digitalization. B2B and B2C trends were compiled into alternative projections. Customer requirements for products and services were then collected in the form of persona profiles. Furthermore, customer journeys address changes in the context of Smart Home, POS and digital products. Based on these future market mechanisms and success factors, UNITY detailed eleven strategically relevant innovation fields for Melitta. Building upon these, the project team developed new business model ideas in the scope of design thinking approaches which will now be transferred to the internal innovation mechanisms. Simultaneously, the scenarios form the basis for strategic robustness checks of current business models within the Melitta Group in order to create awareness for change phenomena across business areas and departments. Parallel to this pilot project, Melitta’s innovation department was empowered to develop its strategic innovation management methods by using the scenario technique. Thus, Melitta is not only able to use the scenario content as a basis for innovation, but was also enabled to apply the method itself and transfer it to other subject areas.

3 Scenarios for value creation in the FMCG industry

11 Strategic innovation areas for new business potentials

9 specific business model ideas

“UNITY systematically led us to future scenarios in order to challenge existing presumptions and reveal alternative developments. In doing so, we were able to identify new business potentials, while we plan to utilize the scenario technique in other departments.”

René Korte

Head of Corporate Innovation Management

Melitta Group

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