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Cyber Security im Supply Chain Management

In the course of the digital transformation, the importance of supply chain management in the networked world of industry and commerce continues to grow. Value chains are becoming increasingly agile and complex; the ability to pass on and exchange sensitive information quickly and securely has become a decisive competitive advantage for companies.

SCM managers are therefore faced with the enormous challenge of establishing new technologies and IT solutions and making them compatible. However, the digitalization and automation of logistics processes brings with it both great opportunities and new cyber security risks. The hardware and software solutions used are permanently exposed to cyber attacks and must be protected consistently. There is usually a discrepancy between the enormous importance of cyber security and the implementation status of valid security concepts in the supply chain sector. This gap can be closed with targeted measures and a well planned cyber security strategy.

We look forward to supporting you along your individual supply chain by identifying potential points of attack and developing solutions for the optimal protection of your supply chain. Let's talk about our best practices together.

Points of attack in the supply chain

In a globalized world, the security of supply chains is essential for smooth business operations. However, advancing digitalization and the increasing interconnectedness of supply chains pose a growing challenge as they expand the attack surface for cybercriminals. In this regard, it is crucial that companies are aware of the points of attack for cyberattacks on their supply chain and how they can secure them. We can help you increase the security of your supply chain and protect you from the impact of cyberattacks.

Possible points of attack, which we look forward to discussing with you on a company-specific basis, include:

Our Consulting Services in Cyber Security for Supply Chain Management

Security Strategy

Development and implementation of vision and strategy for cyber security in SCM 

Design of cyber security roadmaps

Security Governance
  • Develop and implement governance structures
  • Define security organizational structures and responsibilities
  • Develop and implement governance processes
Risk Assessment
  • Evaluate cyber security service portfolio
  • Conduct cyber security fit-gap analyses
  • Create cyber security heat maps
  • Evaluate incident & escalation management
Technology & Architecture
  • Selection of secure technologies
  • Development of IT architectures and frameworks
  • Development of roll-out plans for security services
Awareness & Coaching
  • Creation and implementation of training concepts
  • Conducting cyber security training
  • Organization of awareness sessions and workshops

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