Change capability as the key to market leadership and customer orientation

Agile Excellence

Agile Excellence

Enable change capability in the organization, leadership and team

Agility is much more than just a framework for project implementation. It is a mindset that enables companies to meet the ever-increasing demands of a complex market. Agility affects the dimensions of processes, strategy, structure, culture, people and leadership. Stronger involvement of each individual employee in a self-organized, networked process enables a comprehensive understanding of customer needs across the entire value network. This results in customized solutions and, ultimately, entrepreneurial agility.

We take a holistic approach to your agile transformation. Through iterative change cycles, we create the foundation for continuous adaptability. Our certified consultants not only have many years of experience in agile transformation, but also extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise.

Where and how can your company benefit from agility?

Together with you, we examine the areas in which agility can be used profitably and what the first steps could look like. Discover how you can reach the next level of agility. The answer is often not where you expect it to be. Take the maturity level check with us and find out.

What agile skills do you need for your transformation?

Employees must internalise new forms of work step by step. Experience-based learning is essential for sustainable embedding.

We empower, support and qualify your employees throughout the entire transformation process.

How does the demand on leadership change in agility?

We offer coaching for managers and work with you to shape your agile strategy and vision. We accompany the development journey of the agile coach in your organisation.

Our competences in Agile Excellence

Our Consulting Services in Agile Excellence

Make agility measurable and identify added value

Your challenges:

  • Lack of clarity about where the starting point is in agile transformation
  • Uncertainty as to whether agile working is necessary at all
  • Necessity of a change in thinking or a "mindset change" in agile working companies in order to replace the traditional, hierarchical leadership approach with agile leadership
  • Lack of clarity about one's own understanding of leadership, communication channels, and the future collaboration model.

UNITY solution approach:

  • Qualitative assessment of the current status quo by experts according to the UNITY Maturity Model.
  • Joint development of the individual target goals and vision 
  • Derive quick wins and recommendations for action
  • Develop a roadmap for agilen transformation
  • Transparent depiction of the current and target state of the organization's agile maturity level
  • Provision of a target picture with concrete recommendations for action
  • Realize the target state by implementing the roadmap in agile sprints
  • Continuous reflection and amendments in the process
  • Step-by-step approach to the agile target picture with each sprint
Strengthening and developing managers

Your challenges:

  • Lack of clarity about the new understanding of leadership and communication channels in agile organizations
  • Need for a new kind of leader who is empowering, empathetic and coaches
  • Need for a mindset change and a trusting work environment for agile leadership
  • Lack of clarity about the future collaboration model in agile organizations
  • Need for demand- and goal-oriented empowerment of managers for agile transformation

UNITY solution approach:

  • Agile Leadership Quick Check for self-assessment and identification of the elements of agile leadership already practiced
  • UNITY approach model to sustainably establish Agile Leadership in organizations by individually adapting it to the needs of the managers
  • Identification of the basic building blocks of a trusting work environment: the ability, willingness and freedom to take action
  • Management coaching to sustainably establish the agile leadership concept in organizations and involve our partners in the UNITY Innovation Alliance.
Identify and combine the right approaches

Your challenges:

  • Introducing and accepting new or adapted work models in the company
  • Adapting existing processes and structures to the new work models
  • Inviting and involving employees to promote their motivation and acceptance of the new work models
  • Using OKR to ensure that the strategic decisions are effective in the long term and generate added value for the company

UNITY solution approach:

  • Thorough analysis of your requirements and customized consulting to select suitable agile frameworks and approaches
  • Joint implementation of selected agile frameworks (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, NEXUS, LeSS) and adaptation to specific needs
  • Support of the comprehensive company transformation through experienced agile coaches, promotion of agile working and self-organization in teams
  • Support in defining and introducing agile roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach) to effectively implement agile principles
  • Collaborative prioritization, clear product visions, and project goals for focus and effective implementation
  • Long-term support in establishing agile frameworks and anchoring agile principles in the company
Organizational & Employee Enablement

Your challenges:

  • Developing an agile mindset and the ability to adapt in the organization
  • Enabling self-organized work based on the competencies and interests of team members
  • Overcoming the challenges of introducing agile working methods
  • Training employees and managers to obtain the necessary knowledge and tools for agile transformation

UNITY solution approach:

  • Targeted preparation and creating awareness through trainings, workshops and training sessions for practical agile knowledge transfer
  • Customized trainings with theoretical foundations, sharing experiences and exercises on agile frameworks and roles
  • Sharpen the agile mindset by focusing on trust, openness and transparency in accordance with the context
  • Instill the end-to-end mindset to break down silos
  • Agile coaching by using current situations for training and sharing best practices to strengthen the teams' ability to solve problems
Strengthening & stabilizing agile teams

Your challenges:

  • Ensuring high performance within agile teams
  • Successful ramp-up and increasing motivation in assigned roles
  • Preventing "falling back" into old patterns and models
  • Creating a culture of learning and continuous feedback
  • Integrating DevOps teams into the line organization

UNITY solution approach:

  • Agile team facilitation and coaching by supporting project teams and taking on agile roles
  • Adapt the approach to the needs of the business to enable sustainable change
  • Assess the current state and develop a suitable agile collaboration model
  • Agile qualification by means of training and education for employees and managers to gain the required knowledge and skills for the agile transformation
  • Support of the team in the independent implementation of agile working methods and improvement potentials by the agile coach

Our benefits

High level of responsiveness and adaptability
Responsibility, cooperation and transparency in the team
Short time-to-market
Clear planning and visible results
Successful cooperation between IT and business
Iterative approach to corporate strategy

Inquire now: Your start to a holistic transformation

Agile Maturity Level Check
Future Business
2-Day Workshop

Make agility measurable! Holistic analysis of your company and project organization.

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Agile Quick Check
Future Business
1-Day Workshop

Find your greatest lever for successful agile transformation in all project-related organizational units.

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Agile Ramp-up Workshop
Future Business
2-Day Workshop

We enable you to achieve agile transformation by building up skills and expertise.

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What customers say about Agile Excellence with UNITY

“UNITY was critical for the successful transformation of our stage gate process to a hybrid Agile-Stage-Gate approach. The implemented method helps us better structure our work to provide superior output in shorter time. This journey has been of great value to the way our team works together.” 

Dr. Martin Kovacik

Vice President Technologies IMM China


Project stories in Agile Excellence

  • Process analysis for an integrated view of the DMU equipment process
  • Concept creation of a digital process platform
  • Implementation of Portfolio Management capabilities
  • PMO Setup and Project Support
  • DFL sports database: agile project coaching
  • Real Estate 2030
  • Improved agile cooperation model
  • Process Design for Project Management
  • 零售平台开发的敏捷项目管理 (仅提供英文版本)
  • Process-oriented Improvement of Business Efficiency
  • IT strategy & transformation program
  • Digital Accelerator – Design of a Shared Service Unit
  • End-to-end digital transformation with the UNITY Innovation Alliance
  • Cultural change as a vehicle for digital transformation in public administration
  • Business transformation and digital advancement
  • Reliable and high-performance IT infrastructure
  • Realizing digital customer journey
  • Digital Transformation Support
  • Digital Transformation Support

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