Reliable and high-performance IT infrastructure

Implementation of a Future Operating Model for IT

With trustworthy IT solutions, IT Post aims to move Switzerland forward and as an agile partner, enable Switzerland on its digital transformation journey. For this purpose, and in order to continue to be the “world‘s best postal service,“ the group needs a reliable and high-performance IT infrastructure that efficiently supports all operating processes and its customers along their customer journey. UNITY was commissioned to implement the IT strategy and within it, the planned implementation of the “Future Operating Model 2.0,“ which details the future IT operating model. The main goal of the new operating model was to establish an embedded IT system, which is an IT system that works closely with the business. This includes, among others, establishing a fast and effective DevOps organization that is closely aligned with customer needs. In addition, the end-to-end responsibility that was created enables the business departments to see the results immediately. This has created consistency in business development.

Thanks to the close collaboration between IT Post and UNITY, the targeted goals of the organizational change and the Future Operating Model were realized successfully, and a new way of working was implemented.

Conception of the DevOps team

Training & coaching to support the transformation

Ensuring operational stability

“UNITY supported us in effectively implementing the Future Operating Model 2.0 through its structured approach, the suitable project setup, and its in-depth IT expertise. In the process, we were able to develop viable concepts and implement them efficiently in close collaboration. Thanks to a strong organizational structure and a modern IT infrastructure, we are also very well positioned for future growth.”

Linda de Winter

Head of Strategy

IT Post

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