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Project Management System

Efficient project management in Machinery and Plant Engineering

The standardized procedure from the acquisition of an order for a machine or system to the handover into operation is mapped in project management systems. This not only increases customer satisfaction and company profitability through the solution itself, but also through professional delivery. Standardize your project management with us in the context of your modular products and focus your resources on your customers and services.

Project Execution System (PAS)

The core processes of a machinery and plant manufacturer show the project phases at a high level of aggregation. If the project contains individual special scopes that have more the character of a pioneer project or development project, this is also referred to as a 'project within a project'. It makes sense to map these scopes in separate supplier contracts.

Together with our customers, we optimize and establish these systems based on the following key questions:

  • How high is the degree of modularization of the products? What is the extent of customized order development? What degree of standardization of the processes harmonizes with the degree of modularization of the products? 
  • How successful is the translation of customer requirements into processing specifications? Is it possible to work with logical models? Are these representations also accessible to customers?
  • How professional is the separation of 'specials' from the desired processing system? 
  • How can the standardized assurance of the quality of deliveries be achieved? 
  • How can the combined delivery of machines and systems, possibly manufactured in different plants, be achieved?

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