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Digital Customer Management is evolving exponentially - companies need to understand and continuously align with new customer needs!

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Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience

Using digital technologies to increase revenue

Digitalization is leading to increased customer expectations in all industries. To remain competitive, companies must personalize interactions with their existing and future customers. A real competitive advantage can come from being proactive and anticipating customer needs before they are expressed. Only satisfied customers will make recommendations. Positive customer experiences lead to increased referral rates.

As part of our Digital Customer Experience (DCX) service offering, we identify strategies and define the appropriate maturity level for your company. Our experience shows us that a holistic approach is needed here - from strategy to systems. 

We derive areas of potential from the customer journey and develop concrete recommendations for action to leverage these potentials.  We help you to optimize the sales of your digital products and services, as well as use targeted methods and tools to measure success and further develop your service offering in terms of customer centricity.

Consulting services Digital Customer Experience

How do I set up a customer-centric strategy?

Your challenges

  • Profitability is stagnating despite high investments in sales and marketing. There are difficulties in meeting customers' needs and expectations and in achieving a differentiating positioning in the market.
  • Incoming orders are declining, and market preferences are changing. The company runs the risk of losing market share in the long term if it does not respond better to its customers' needs.
  • Declining customer satisfaction leads to customer attrition among existing customers and can have a negative impact on a company's image.

UNITY solution approach  

  • Take a holistic view of the customer experience, considering all aspects - from brand to product to service and price positioning.
  • Create an understanding of the digital customer journey, customer perceptions, and customer needs by gathering customer feedback and conducting market and trend analyses.
  • Derive and implement measures to optimize the customer experience.

How do I best understand my customers? 

Your challenges

  • The channels through which customers interact with your company have changed due to new digital technologies.
  • A standardized way of addressing customers is no longer enough, because customers expect personalized interactions.
  • A more competitive environment has made sustainable customer engagement essential.

UNITY solution approach

  • Conduct a comprehensive customer analysis, in particular, an analysis of customer segments, define personas and the customer journey, and identify digital touchpoints, taking customer feedback into account
  • Design digital touchpoints, such as websites and mobile applications, according to the needs of customers to increase customer loyalty and business success

How can I market and sell my digital products? 

Your challenges

  • The speed at which trends in digital sales are changing is challenging and you lack an overview of the existing technologies and platforms that are suitable for you.
  • The evaluation and performance of new channels that current and future customers use to learn about and buy digital products and services is complex and difficult to predict.

UNITY solution approach

  • Identify market trends and determine your company's level of technological maturity
  • Select the technologies and platforms suitable for your company to improve its online presence
  • Optimize product and service offerings through the appropriate digital channels, taking into account customer needs and consumption patterns

How should I respond to customer feedback?  

Your challenges

  • Although your company collects feedback from customers to understand their needs and expectations, you struggle to turn the insights into concrete actions.
  • Your company is striving to establish a key performance indicator (KPI) to measure customer satisfaction that can be applied to all of your national subsidiaries. However, the question arises as to which specific KPIs are suitable for mapping the customer's perspective and thus ensure a conclusive measurement of customer satisfaction.

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UNITY solution approach

  • Identify the key drivers of customer loyalty and satisfaction and assess appropriate KPIs for your organization.
  • Implement a framework to effectively leverage customer feedback, prioritize areas of improvement, and targeted implementation
  • Build a powerful CRM system to better understand customers, build personalized interactions, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction and sales efficiency 
  • Define a strategy for your customer relationship management (CRM) and build a high-performance CRM system to better understand customers, develop personalized interactions, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction and sales efficiency
  • Develop a strategy for analyzing and implementing customer feedback using proven best practices.

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How do I most effectively use digital technologies to improve customer loyalty?

Your challenges

  • The relevance of the use of digital technologies has increased enormously as seen in all of the past and current crises. This is shown by numerous projects and studies (e.g., Lünendonk 2022: The Market for Digital Experience Service in Germany).
  • Digital technologies offer your company the opportunity to better present complex products to target groups through visual technologies (AR, VR, Metaverse), but also to collaborate with them more efficiently and create transparency.
  • You have initial ideas for cross-selling and upselling smart products and services. However, you lack a sound strategic approach.

UNITY solution approach

  • Define strategies to digitally engage and connect with customers, and improve the digital customer experience in B2B and B2C
  • Identify new revenue sources through cross- and upselling potentials

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DCX Quick Check Orientation
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DCX Quick Check Strategy Guide
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Your roadmap with a detailed vision for a clear and comprehensive DCX strategy.

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Your compact format for analyzing your sales, marketing and service processes to derive potentials and system requirements.

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Customers about Digital Customer Experience with UNITY

“With UNITY’s know-how and methodical guidance, we have taken an important step forward to achieving our ambitious growth targets. The consulting services for ‘Best Customer Experience’ provide us a target picture, clarity about the potentials as well as the levers for our customer interactions.”

Heiner Faust

Managing Director

Würth International

“UNITY has introduced a disruptive innovation with us in the market for industrial sewing machines. In doing so, UNITY has been particularly effective in helping us break new ground in terms of the digitalization of our product and how we approach customers."

Thomas Brinkhoff

Director of Marketing

Dürkopp Adler Group

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