Implementing Group-wide Digital Governance

Establishment and Integration of a consistent Organization and Process Landscape

Covestro recognized the challenge of effectively managing digital transformation early on. The group drew upon UNITY’s expertise to develop a concept for and operationalize its digital governance. Together, a group-wide governance system was successfully designed and ultimately implemented around a central steering committee for all digital initiatives and projects. UNITY provided support in setting up and integrating a consistent and efficient organization and process landscape. Together, Covestro and UNITY ensured that, on the one hand, the newly created and adapted structures fit seamlessly into Covestro‘s strategic planning cycles. On the other hand, they also ensured that these structures would become binding by incorporating them into internal regulations. Moreover, the project management was operationalized based on a clear description of the scope, roles and steering criteria. This was transferred into a portfolio management tool that was successfully rolled out. In addition, UNITY developed the concept for a Digital Solutions Lab in which future-oriented digital services and business models will be developed. This is integrated consistently into the digital governance system. Covestro now has a detailed blue-print for the lab’s initial setup and its commissioning.

Steering digital initiatives holistically

Consistent coordination in IT and business areas

Strength and agility for digital transformation

“Thanks to the outstanding support of the UNITY team, we have implemented the 'Digital Governance Body,' a highly empowered panel to steer the digital transformation across the group. In addition, the Digital Solutions Labs provide a playground for developing disruptive ideas.”

Dr. Karsten Malsch

Program Lead Digital

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