Scenarios for the future of the marine business

Future Marine Business 2030 – Future Scenarios and an Initiative Roadmap

GEA provides its worldwide customers with intelligent solutions for the most important applications on board ships. These include separators for the treatment of fuel and lube oil. However, a climate-neutral future in the shipping industry requires new products and services in this area. In order to be prepared for the future and to actively shape change in the industry, GEA worked together with UNITY to develop consistent future scenarios for its business in the marine industry. Concrete requirements for its core business and its product portfolio were determined based on three future scenarios in addition to a portfolio analysis. Then, together with UNITY, a vision, mission, and strategic goals were defined for GEA’s Marine Business. As an example, GEA has set a goal to actively shape and drive forward maritime decarbonization. In order to meet future requirements, and safeguard and refocus its existing business, short- and long-term initiatives were derived to generate an Initiative Roadmap 2030. This mapped the ideas and initiatives for its future business, as well as helped to lay the foundation for a climate-neutral direction for GEA‘s Global Marine Business. At the same time, GEA has benefited from many concrete recommendations for action.  This will enable the structured implementation of its self-imposed decarbonization targets and enable GEA to live up to its climate-related responsibilities.

Aligning strategy and product portfolio for a climate-neutral future

3 Future scenarios & 12 initiatives

Global collaboration: Virtual workshops in 8 countries on 3 continents

“Together with UNITY, we were able to use the scenarios to lay an important foundation to continue to shape our future business. The structured approach helped us identify new opportunities and set the right focus for the future.”

Malte Szyslo

Head of Global Marine Business

GEA Westfalia Separator Group

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