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Meik Eusterholz

Authorized Signatory and Partner at UNITY | Consulting Focus on the Healthcare Industry

Meik Eusterholz is an Authorized Signatory and Partner at UNITY with a consulting focus on the healthcare industry.  Since 2005, he has designed hospital processes in over 100 projects, simulated new construction and renovation, while taking smart hospital concepts into account. Several of his projects have been awarded national prizes.

Before joining UNITY, Meik Eusterholz designed and implemented lean management processes in the automotive and mechanical and plant engineering sectors.

Presentations and publications by Meik Eusterholz

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Examples of presentations

  • Smart Hospital - The hospital of the future
  • Digital transformation and the smart hospital - Traditional BO planning has had its day
  • No process without cables - How does digitalization affect new construction?
  • The OR of the future - Better planning thanks to digital simulation and data analytics
  • Any HIS - A choice or agony
  • The opportunities of digitalization and automation

News & publications 

Meik Eusterholz is the author of numerous healthcare publications. Some of his articles have been published in renowned industry magazines.

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Healthcare news and publications 

Thematic focus of Meik Eusterholz

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  • Strategy & target planning: Strategy development and strategic target planning, business organization and layout development (with simulation)
  • Organizational development: target operating model, personnel planning and organizational management
  • Supply chain & logistics management: procurement and logistics strategy, supply and disposal concepts
  • Digital transformation: digitalization strategy, requirements management and implementation, IT architectures and cyber security
  • Smart hospital
  • Green hospital
  • Project & change management
  • Ambulantization

Memberships and other commitments of Meik Eusterholz

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  • Club of the healthcare industry
  • Decision-maker factory
  • Management Forum Starnberg

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