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We promote the personal and professional development of all our employees!

At the UNITYacademy, we provide our employees with extensive training opportunities. We not only impart knowledge, but also enable them to successfully meet the challenges of the present and future with a practice-oriented and sustainable approach. Our employees benefit from a targeted training path that each consultant undergoes to supplement their experience on the project. Together with the manager, an individual training plan is drawn up within the path, which is based on the respective stage of development and the needs of each individual. We attach great importance to a combination of technical, methodological and personal development training and qualification concepts.

Das UNITY Trainingszentrum

Ein Überblick über unser Digital X Starter Programm:
  • Internal training programs

    Targeted professional and personal development programs for all levels

    With the UNITYacademy, we offer our employees a customized training program during their entire career at UNITY. Starting with our Digital X program for new employees to individual management development as part of the Leadership Excellence program. The programs and their components are described below.

  • Digital X

    We have designed the "Digital X Starter" program to provide our new consultants with comprehensive training and development after their university education. In addition to methodological and personal qualifications, this training provides in-depth professional training in digitalization. The new consultants go through the program in parallel with the projects during the first year and a half after joining the company. During this time, our employees gain a general understanding of the specialized topics in the UNITY portfolio as well as basic methodological training such as project or process management and moderation and communication training.

    The knowledge imparted is applied directly in the projects and deepened through a continuous exchange, so that sustainable empowerment takes place.

  • Consulting Excellence

    Following the Digital X training, personal development is promoted through the Consulting Excellence Program. The program is designed to provide targeted professional development and personal development for everyday project work.

    In addition to personality-developing cross-cutting topics such as project and process management, communication and leadership, employees work with their manager to design their own learner journey along the specialist, in-depth topics of Advanced Development, Efficient Value Creation, Future Business & New Work, and Digitalization & IT.

    The training is supported by other formats and offers such as project days and learning partnerships.

  • Leadership Excellence

    The Leadership Excellence Program is used to develop managers. This program forms the framework for an individual Learner Journey, adapted to the specific career paths. In coordination with the team leader, employees design a personal Learner Journey along the UNITY roles. The role-specific training is supplemented by in-depth personality training on topics such as leadership, conflicts, motivation and group dynamics.

    Learn more about the roles and our career model here.

  • Administration Excellence

    We also offer targeted training programs for our employees outside of consulting. The individual Learner Journeys are tailored to the respective administrative areas and the associated skills and competencies.

    The programs include personal development training as well as interdisciplinary topics such as project management and communication training. This is supplemented by specific specialized training in the relevant administrative area.


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Since July 1, 2021, we have spun off UNITYmove Training and Coaching as part of the UNITY Innovation Alliance. The goal is to professionalize and expand our external Academy activities (especially training courses with a focus on personal development) targeted towards our customers. UNITYmove will also continue to work with us on internal personality training.

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