Corporate Strategie 2027+

Vision 2027+, strategic goals, action fields and implementation roadmap

  • Conducted market, competitor and SWOT analysis to identify current and future USPs
  • Identified trends for the professional kitchen of the future by setting up and utilizing a trend radar
  • Analyzed product portfolio by designing and evaluating a product-market matrix
  • Created vision and mission for the B.PRO in 2027+ including a visualization of the defined target picture
  • Defined strategic action fields and specification of strategic goals in the form of concrete measures 
  • Calculated business cases for the different scenarios of strategy implementation and transfer to a roadmap

“Together with our team UNITY has developed a future-oriented corporate strategy for the professional kitchen of tomorrow. Within an efficient process the UNITY consultants have always responded to our individual requirements!”

Egon Kofler


B.Pro GmbH

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Viviane Zimmermann

Partnerin, Geschäftsfeldleiterin

München, Stuttgart, Deutschland
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Dr. Dominik Fischer

Head of Strategy & Innovation

Paderborn, Deutschland
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Daniel Baldus


Stuttgart, Deutschland
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Felicia Kiefer


Stuttgart, Deutschland
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