Cross-departmental development of a business unit strategy

Strategic Project Portfolio Management

Initial Situation and Project Targets

In order to provide doctors and patients with even better support in the future, Bayer HealthCare Germany is continually adding new compounds to its range. Due to the high complexity of the German market, sales and marketing activities for such a product launch led to an increased number of projects and likewise an increasing interaction between different departments and external service providers. The aim of the project was therefore to orient the use of resources to a clear strategy in the future. It was important to refine the strategy and arrange it in clearly measurable terms, ensure transparency regarding existing products, identify further project ideas and develop and implement a sustainable project management system.

Tasks of UNITY

UNITY developed the strategic project portfolio management for Bayer HealthCare’s sales and marketing activities. This included the following key areas:

  • Cross-departmental development of a business
  • sector strategy 
  • Identifying strategic areas for action 
  • Uniform recording and assessment of all projects 
  • Comparing strategy and project portfolio, including identifying further potential for growth 
  • Developing new project ideas 
  • Prioritizing projects, taking their strategic and
  • economic effects into account 
  • Determining the ideal project portfolio 
  • Establishing consistent planning processes 
  • Implementing a project control system

Transparency about the project portfolio

Strategic prioritization and alignment of all project activities

Standardized process for future projects with efficient use of resources

“With UNITY’s help, we have developed a cross-sectoral strategy and defined specific, market-oriented areas for action. The project portfolio was developed building on these findings and taking quantitative criteria into account. This enabled us to significantly increase the efficiency of our portfolio. Clear process definitions and project management structures are helping us to implement the approach in a sustainable way."

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