IT Implementation

System Selection and Initiation

  • As-is assessment and analysis of business & IT processes
  • Preparation of target concept and derived specifications for the areas "ERP","Ticketing","Access" and "Payment".
  • System benchmark and selection in the areas of "Ticketing" and "Payment".
  • Drafting of contracts, including milestone planning
  • Support during system introduction

50% sales increase in the BayArena

50% reduced effort for handling customer-related transactions

Increased prestige and noticeably improved customer satisfaction

“Everything runs smoothly – there is a reason why this is the motto of the BayArena ! Utilizing the experience and extensive IT know-how of UNITY, we completed our BayArena project just in time for the start of the Bundesliga (German Soccer League). The foundation for consistent usage of the arena had thus been laid and we can now focus on success – both athletic and business success.”

Wolfgang Holzhäuser

Managing Director

Bayer 04 Leverkusen Fußball GmbH

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Thilo Böhm

Partner, Geschäftsfeldleiter

Paderborn, Deutschland
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