Strategic IT and data management solutions pave the road to EV excellence

Strategic IT and data management solutions pave the road to EV excellence

In recent years, electric vehicles have experienced a surge in global demand, with Chinese OEMs leading the charge in producing innovative EVs. The joint venture is a new company dedicated to manufacturing the next generation of EVs in and outside of China. To optimize the IT landscape in China and prepare for production in the EU, a team of UNITY experts was tasked with enhancing and specifying future requirements for relevant IT systems and interfaces. UNITY coordinated the setup of governance management and operational models for production-related data and implemented a robust organizational structure and methodology for cross-company resolution of IT incidents, system and data issues as well as change requirements. Together with the project team, UNITY transformed and designed data flows for quality and recourse management and streamlined R&D and CAD data management processes. Deriving and aligning on solutions and tracking implementation progress across upstream and downstream systems was the basis for the optimization of advanced production planning and scheduling (APS). To foster further collaboration between the engineering teams of the two JV partners, UNITY supported the project regarding the enhancement of the data lake, encompassing data exchange mechanisms, big data structure design, business intelligence design, and maintenance design. By optimizing IT systems, enhancing data management, and establishing robust operational processes, the project team laid the foundation for success in the competitive EV landscape.

Interfacing 3 enterprises’ system landscapes

E2E operational sustainability and efficiency

Ensured zero error principle

“Based on in-depth automotive EAM expertise, UNITY has made a significant contribution to improving the Chinese IT landscape and ensuring a sustainable integration of the plant in Europe. UNITY’s automotive IT expertise and experience in collaborating with Western and Chinese OEMs is underlined by successfully implemented procedures and mechanisms that prevent data errors from being transmitted.“

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