Increase revenue and efficiency with Digital Services

Digital Services are an elementary component of future value creation. Increasingly, both customers and partners expect to be able to interact via digital channels. In saturated markets, digital products or services also offer a new, disproportionately scalable source of revenue that many companies are not yet utilizing. Digital Services can also increase the efficiency of internal processes. In turn, the resulting data opens up new perspectives for effective and data-driven decision-making.

Generate business with Digital Services

This is why it is advisable to increase the proportion of digital services in the service portfolio and within the organization. This makes skills such as software engineering, eCommerce and customer analytics for digital paths to the customer through apps, platforms and IoT devices extremely relevant and a strategic business opportunity.

Build services & empower companies

In close cooperation with the UNITY Innovation Alliance, UNITY supports its customers in establishing new digital business models in their portfolio and making existing ones more successful. Together, we identify new business potentials and develop a new product vision. We then prepare the development and realization of the digital products or services and lead them to release. From that point on, the goal is to further develop the product iteratively through user feedback, thereby increasing the value of the product and its ROI. To this end, we empower companies and help build the necessary business capabilities in the three dimensions of organization, processes and technologies.

Digital Services in all areas of the company

“A company should focus on Digital Services E2E. This is THE task over the next few years for product development, sales, production and operations so that the combination of physical products and software-based services can make its contribution to the company‘s results.“

Daniel Gaspers

Head of Digital Services

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Daniel Gaspers

Head of Digital Services

Paderborn, Germany
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