Green IT Kickstarter Workshop

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One of the most important drivers of green IT initiatives is social responsibility and customer demand for a more sustainable use of resources. However, government regulations are also increasing the pressure on companies. With the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, the European Union is laying an important legal foundation for the sustainability reporting of an estimated 15,000 companies in Germany. There are up to 50,000 companies in the EU.

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  • What are Green IT, Green IS and Greening by IT about? 
  • Develop an understanding of the scope and necessity of sustainability in IT.
  • Which areas of action and associated measures need to be taken? 
  • Areas of action and measures prepared by UNITY experts specifically tailored to your business.
  • Which activities bring the greatest added value in relation to the objectives? 
  • Clear measures prioritized in a roadmap for targeted implementation.
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Green IT Kickstarter Workshop


1-Day Workshop


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Daniel Gaspers

Head of Digital Services

Paderborn, Germany
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Lars Holländer

Head of Sustainability & Circular Economy

Stuttgart, Germany
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