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Lean and efficient processes are a prerequisite for Industrie 4.0!

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Operational Excellence in Production

High cost pressures, supply chain disruptions, and increasingly stringent sustainability requirements are just a few of the challenges currently facing manufacturing companies. Operational excellence provides a competitive advantage here as it reduces costs, increases revenue and enhances the resilience of production. Companies can only adapt quickly to changing conditions if processes are mastered.

We support you in achieving operational excellence in your processes, from order entry to on-time delivery of the product. In doing so, we combine traditional methods of lean management and process development with innovative solutions in digitalization, automation and organizational development in such a way that your production is continuously prepared for the future.

Our Consulting Services in Operational Excellence in Production

Cost and quality advantages through excellent processes

Your challenges:

  • Unsynchronized processes hinder efficient operation 
  • Many system breaks lead to additional work and the need for reconciliation 
  • High level of volatility on the supplier and customer side, which cannot be mapped with existing processes

UNITY solution approach:

  • Holistic optimization of business processes in order processing - from order to delivery 
  • Include  best practice solutions from various industries 
  • Strong focus on the effect on costs and revenues 
  • Standardized process recording in ADO-OMEGA
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Increased flexibility, quality and efficiency through holistic improvement of the production system

Your challenges:

  • Hidden waste in processes 
  • Lack of transparency on the store floor 
  • Lack of stringent material flow and a lot of manual handling 
  • High manufacturing costs and low on-time delivery performance

UNITY solution approach:

  • Establish holistic production systems 
  • Simulative dimensioning of the production system 
  • Consequent application of standardized methods 
  • High focus on management training
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Always at the optimal operating point through fact-based management at the point of value creation

Your challenges:

  • Goals are specifically defined, performance is not measured. 
  • Performance discrepancies are identified too late. 
  • Defined standards are not lived in practice. 
  • Problems are not actively identified and proactively solved.

UNITY solution approach:

  • Enable managers and employees through structured lean leadership programs 
  • Develop and implement KPI systems Implement living CIP and control loops 
  • Integrate digital solutions for shop floor management.
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Connecting economic processes and attractive working conditions for strong employee loyalty

Your challenges:

  • Inefficient organization with many coordination processes 
  • Strict organization vs. volatile order situation 
  • Problems finding and retaining skilled employees 
  • New requirements, such as sustainability, not firmly established

UNITY solution approach:

  • Plan a cost-effective production system in terms of production principles, shift systems, job descriptions, etc. 
  • Integrate flexible and cost-effective organizational models 
  • Qualify employees for broad & flexible deployment 
  • Design attractive workplaces in all areas 
Advantages in terms of costs and quality by optimizing your logistics processes

Your challenges:

  • Current performance not directly visible and assessable 
  • Processes not standardized and synchronized end-2-end 
  • Unnecessary costs due to large number of manual activities

UNITY solution approach:

  • Transparency and data-driven process control through consistent store floor management and the use of BI solutions 
  • Integrate best practice logistics processes 
  • Automate operational and administrative processes, e.g. through implementation of conveyor technology, workflows and RPA

Our approach

Establish transparency

Analysis methods

  • Value Stream Mapping 
  • Multimoment Shift Monitoring 
  • Ishikawa Workshop 
  • Process Analysis 
  • Maturity Check 
  • Cause and Effect 
  • Portfolio Data Evaluation 
  • Process Costing 
  • 5 Whys 
  • Benchmarking 
  • Process Mining

Visibility and information

  • Andon
  • BI tools
  • Digital shop floor boards
  • Big Data and analytics
  • Process transparency
  • Gemba Walks
Ensure standards


  • Standard processes
  • Process monitoring
  • Audits
  • 5S
  • Digital plant management
  • Poka Yoke

Management & Culture

  • Managing with goals 
  • Shop floor management
  • Short control loops
  • Employee enablement 
  • Quali-Matrix 
  • CIP culture


  • 8D Report
  • Jidoka
  • SixSigma
  • Worker self-inspection 
  • CAQ 
  • Traceability
Optimize value creation

Lean production & logistics

  • Pull principle 
  • Layout and material flow 
  • Value analysis 
  • Lean logistics 
  • Outsourcing 
  • Centralization 
  • Leveling 
  • Fast setup 
  • Logistic assortment


  • Process automation 
  • Robots and cobots
  • Low cost automation

Industrie 4.0

  • Digital order processing 
  • Real time and networking 
  • Smart maintenance 
  • Cloud operation 
  • New technologies 
  • Changeability

Project stories in Efficient Value Creation

  • Merging of two workshops
  • Quick-Check OPEX @ Waldemar Link
  • Digital Factory Planning
  • Logistics concept at site Nänikon
  • Re-design of Cleanroom Production and the Logistics System
  • 设备规划及实施 (仅提供英文版本)
  • Digital Reference Architecture LHT
  • Restructuring of the Diebold Nixdorf site in Paderborn
  • Process standardization across all sites
  • V-ZUG 33 – Logistics concept vertical factory
  • Implementation support for a new factory
  • Produktion Optimizing with Lean Production
  • Industrial reorientation of maintenance
  • Support of digitalization pilots
  • Resource efficiency through Supply Cart System
  • Market Leadership in Smart Manufacturing
  • Detailed planning of new production site
  • Detailed planning of a strategic location development
  • Standardization of Packaging Material
  • Sound planning basis for all business units
  • Development of Roadmap 2020
  • Long-term increase in production efficiency
  • Innovative sewing and assistance system
  • 新工厂的精益管理辅导 (仅提供英文版本)
  • Increasing efficiency and lead times
  • Clear methodology in the planning process
  • Realizing digital customer journey
  • Design of Inbound, Inner-Plant and Outbound Logistics
  • 资源管理 (仅提供英文版本)
  • Creating added value for customers and company
  • Clear roles and responsibilities for IT and OT
  • Concept creation of a digital process platform

Your contacts for Operational Excellence in Production

Thorben Kerkenberg

Head of Smart Factory & Operational Excellence

Hamburg, Germany
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Julian Gerg

Head of Business Area

Munich, Germany
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René Szepanski

Head of Business Area

Paderborn, Germany
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Ove Thomsen

Head of Business Area

Hamburg, Germany
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Michael Wolf

Partner, Head of Business Area

Hamburg, Germany
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Kai Bätge

Senior Manager

Hamburg, Germany
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Thomas Ulrich


Paderborn, Germany
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