The hydrogen economy as an enabler of a CO2-neutral future

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Climate neutrality through hydrogen

Climate neutrality through hydrogen

From CO2-free generation to cross-sector use

In order to keep to the 1.5°C pathway, it is necessary to integrate renewable energies, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and diversify energy sources. In doing so, hydrogen can assume a key role in the future energy system and will be highlighted in the german national hydrogen strategy as an indispensable element for a climate-friendly future (German National Hydrogen Strategy - BMBF). Hydrogen offers excellent opportunities for sector coupling (electricity, heat, transport) and can thus have a positive effect on the climate balance in industrial applications, mobility, and the energy sector.

The decisive factor is how hydrogen will be produced in the future. For a climate-neutral economy, green hydrogen is needed. This is hydrogen that is produced through the process of electrolysis, which is powered by renewable energy. However, while the production of hydrogen is being ramped-up, blue or turquoise hydrogen can also help to meet the demand for hydrogen. Blue hydrogen produces CO2 which is not released into the atmosphere, and is stored safely or processed industrially. Similarly, turquoise hydrogen does not produce gaseous CO2, but solid carbon instead. In addition to the question, "What color is the hydrogen in use?" other questions arise in the development of a sustainable and future-proof hydrogen economy and its infrastructure.

Even if studies result in different numerical values, they all have one thing in common – there is a clear increase being forecasted in the demand for hydrogen across all sectors [Cf. Fraunhofer ISI/ISE/IEG: Metastudie Wasserstoff 2021]. This will inevitably lead to a situation where, in addition to national production, imports will play a major role. 

In order to position your company in this complex environment and to master all of its associated challenges, our experts will support you from the strategy to the implementation of concrete projects.

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Our hydrogen map

Explore the many different elements of and use cases on hydrogen in our interactive picture of the hydrogen economy! It should be noted that from a technological and a climate neutrality perspective, hydrogen is not the most sensible, nor the only alternative in the future for each of the use cases shown.

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