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Overview of our Trainers for Consulting Seminars in China

A high quality in our consulting seminars is very important to us. The trainings designed by our UNITY trainers are characterized by holistic learning with modern methods. Our trainers are specialists and know how to convey specialist knowledge in a lively and application-oriented manner. The aim of the UNITY trainers is to achieve a high degree of participation of the participants and to create a lasting training experience.

Overview about our Trainers

Sebastian Dannenberg

Sebastian Dannenberg is a project manager at UNITY China. With more than 10 years of experience in managing international projects, he is an expert in digital factory planning and smart factory as well as lean management and lean administration. Sebastian serves customers from the start-up phase up to large international companies from the aviation (MRO and production) and automotive industry. He was also general manager of an SME in wind industry which had facilities in China. Additionally, Sebastian was responsible for the production planning, ramp up and quality management system. His academic work in leading a research project in factory planning for foreign companies in China was also published in a professional book.

Ingo Neumann

With several years of experience, Ingo Neumann is expert for agile project management at UNITY China. He is coaching and training various teams from several differenet industries. Among them are customers from automotive, automotive suppliers and aviation. Ingo functions internally as well as externally as a trainer for intercultural management as well as project managementstructures in international teams.

Thomas Ulrich

Thomas Ulrich (Dipl.-Ing.) is a partner at UNITY. As a senior expert, he is responsible for international projects with a focus on corporate development, process and organizational management and the digitalization of processes both in the product development process and in order processing and production. In addition, he leads projects in product development and production process development, to realize product and production process innovations together with our customers and bring them to market. This makes him one of our trainers for both management qualification and employee development.

After a training as a toolmaker at Benteler AG in Paderborn, he studied mechanical engineering at the University of Paderborn. Thomas Ulrich is one of the first employees at UNITY and has developed and implemented a variety of practical training concepts.

Kevin Yao

Kevin Yao is an expert for lean management. With over 17 years of working experience in global manufacturing companies, he is proficient in coaching and coordinating international teams. He consults our customers primarily on the topic supply chain management. In addition to medium-sized companies, large international corporations are among his customers.

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