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Supply Chain Visibility

User Story: Christine, a Supply Chain Manager

Christine checks logistics performance

In the morning, Christine checks the performance in the supply chain at the breakfast table. She receives a warning about predicted material bottlenecks and passes the task on to Luise. Otherwise, the supply chain seems to work well.  Since all of the containers and containers transported to or from HomeRob Corp. are equipped with GPS trackers and sensors, Christine has full visibility across the entire supply chain and can quickly identify errors. The existing data is collected and evaluated in the supply chain system.


On the way to the office, Christine receives important information in real time

Like many others, Christine goes to the office in an autonomous vehicle. She is tracking a very critical component, and receives information that the component has just gone through customs. It is set to arrive on schedule. Customs processing is fully automated based on digital Smart Contracts. The necessary documents are linked to the the container’s digital twin and stored – forgery-proof – in the BlockChain.  As soon as the container reaches a defined geo window, it registers with customs. They check the digital documents and approve the container’s release. 

Christine checks a warning message at a logistics hub

When Christine arrives at the company, she receives a warning message. An incident occurred in a logistics hub. The system reacted and, based on stored algorithms, automatically redirected the trucks to another hub. All of the data regarding this incident and the resulting changes, such as delivery times, and costs were stored in the blockchain. Based on the data, Christine has the legal department examine possible claims for damages. The data is checked quickly and she receives a message that the service provider has complied with all the conditions.

Christine discusses the problems with the head of the hub

Since this is already the second incident of this kind, Christine decides to meet the head of the HUB in person. Although Christine likes to use the virtual meeting rooms, she is of the opinion that important topics have to be discussed personally. Having arrived at the HUB, she discusses the topics with the leader and wants him to establish predictive maintenance so that such failures do not happen again in the future. On her way home, she receives new forecast figures. Since no intervention is necessary on her part, she goes home satisfied.

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