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User Story: Michael – a Customer

Michael is able to configure his individual HomeRob.

Michael is a consultant who travels often and needs help at home and in the garden. He decides to get a HomeRob from the company HomeRob Corp. Using the online configurator, he selects the functions that the HomeRob should cover, the yard, kitchen and house. Based on this, Michael can configure his HomeRob individually. The device is leased as a full-service device and he is charged monthly for it. After receiving the order, HomeRob Corp. creates a digital twin with all the features of Michael’s product. After the order, Michael receives a specific delivery date.

Michael is able to monitor his HomeRob during production.

Michael can monitor the status of his HomeRob online and in real-time, while it is being produced. He can also see its digital twin in the HomeRob factory, where his HomeRob is currently being processed. Michael decides to add another feature during production. This change is processed  by the DFM system, and Michael immediately receives the new price as well as the delivery date. Michael is informed that the HomeRob will be delivered. He makes areas accessible, in which the HomeRob is free to move, in his SmartHouse. His bill is paid automatically upon delivery.

The HomeRob Corp. is able to offer Michael individual upgrades and services.

HomeRob Corp. is constantly gathering data from all HomeRob devices and analyzes these in a Big Data Cloud by using analytics. The usage profile from Michael’s HomeRob provides information that it is frequently used in the yard. Based on this data, HomeRob Corp. offers a cloud service – a subscription providing the best tips for for garden care – and new functions for the HomeRob. Michael is very pleased with the individual support and adds these options. The new data is stored in real-time in the digital twin of Michael’s HomeRob.


Michael is able to authorize predictive maintenance for his HomeRob.

The HomeRob is equipped with many sensors that is always performing condition monitoring. The HomeRob’s sensors recognize that the pruning shears are being used very often, and they wear out from the frequent use. This information is analyzed in the HomeRob’s Smart Maintenance System. So that there is no downtime, Michael receives a message for maintenance servicing, as the service is part of the leasing contract, and he selects a suitable time. The collected information is then used to refine the device’s maintenance.

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