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User Story: Dave, a Technical Service Expert

The HRR 9 robot detects an anomaly and communicates with Digital Factory Management (DFM)

The HRR9 robot autonomously detects anomalies and anticipates them using its sensors and the manufacturer's data pool. It finds that early maintenance is required in order to guarantee uninterrupted production and reports this to the DFM platform, which then calculates the ideal point in time for maintenance. The robot has its own identity in the value creation network. A KPI dashboard visualizes all resources by means of "Condition Monitoring." Data processing takes place in the cloud using machine intelligence.

Dave checks the anomaly found in HRR 9 and examines the bearing

The DFM platform selects Dave based on his qualifications and availability. Dave uses the Smart Glass AR environment to view the robot’s maintenance history, HRR9 documentation and the manufacturer's service platform. Dave's diagnosis indicates that there is "imminent damage to the bearing." A 3D maintenance manual tells Dave how to replace the bearing. After removal, Dave contacts the manufacturer to report that the shell of the bearing is cracked. The manufacturer recommends replacement and enters the damage in his database.

Dave produces a new bearing using 3D printing

It is no longer necessary to keep replacement bearings in stock. Dave goes into the "Additive Manufacturing Area" and uses a plant to produce a new bearing. The manufacturer offers the design data and the necessary machine program as a service from the cloud. When production is completed, the bearing is invoiced directly. Dave then assembles the bearing directly into the HRR 9 and starts a diagnostic run. The robot functions again and reports back as available to the DFM platform. 

Dave corrects program code of automation

Dave notices another inconsistency during assembly. The error is not detected by the robot. Dave checks the program code, detects an error and corrects it. Understanding program code and automation is one of the basic qualifications of a service employee. After his shift, the DFM can rely on Dave during the night shift if necessary, should his specific qualifications be required that other employees do not have. Dave can be brought into service orders by the Smart Glasses and instruct colleagues.

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