Holistic consulting and close cooperation

with our customers are reality with us.

UNITY Consulting Approach

Master Digital Change

There is no way to prevent digitalization. Companies have to face the changes. To ensure that our customers remain competitive in this environment, we enable them to achieve sustainable digital transformation. For us, integral consulting is not just an empty phrase but rather a lived reality. For us, it is important to work close and trustful with our customers. In our video, you can find out what working in projects with UNITY can look like.

UNITY Consulting Approach for Digital Transformation

UNITY offers its customers comprehensive consulting services for digital change. The advantage is that key competencies all come from one source. Traditional consulting approaches, such as pure IT consulting, fall short of the complex challenges that digital transformation presents. UNITY, however, combines an in-depth understanding of technology and the competencies that are required for successful digital transformation: We innovate, integrate and transform.


We provide impulses for innovation and operational excellence. Together with our customers, wedevelop innovative solutions for your digital transformation such as future-oriented services and products, smart factories and innovative business models. With our industry, technology and methodology experts, we put the best teams together to meet customer needs.


We combine top-down and bottom-up approaches and integrate all the competencies and hierarchical levels that are necessary for project success. By working in close cooperation with ourcustomers, we are successful in operationalizing their strategic goals.


We empower our customers to conduct successful transformation processes and we support the implementation. UNITY customers particularly appreciate our hands-on mentality. We empower their team and are focused on achieving their individual goals.

UNITY + Customer = Team

Not only do our customers appreciate the results we achieve through our consulting, they also value the way we get there: with close and trusting collaboration. We guarantee this during and after the coronavirus crisis – a time in which we increasingly rely on virtual collabora-tion models. Using interactive and collaborative tools, we ensure effectiveness and continuity in project work and remain optimally connected with our customers even in times of crisis.

What does it mean to do a consulting project with UNITY? How do we work? Many of our clients ask themselves these questions in advance. Here, we would like to give you a feeling for how we work. Important ist that close cooperation with our clients always comes first.

Our Consulting Services

We position our customers for operational excellence and innovation.

It is a challenge for companies to position their current business for both operational excellence and simultaneously, equip themselves for the digital future. In order to ensure that these are achieved successfully, UNITY supports compa-nies with its extensive experience and expertise in four core action areas: Future Business, Advanced Development, Efficient Production and New Work. Through our target-oriented consulting and by building competence through ourUNITYacademy, we improve the operational excellence and innovative strength of our customers.


More about our Consulting Services!

Our Approach is based on the 4-Level Model


The foundation of our work is the 4-Level Model for Future-oriented Corporate Management (Foresight, Strategies, Processes, Systems). Based on systematic foresight we develop holistically thought-out strategies which in turn form the basis of well-structured business processes. These must be supported by technical systems; only then can IT to be utilized to its full potential. Furthermore, our consulting services are oriented towards our clients’ process chains. 

That's what makes UNITY an employer!

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