Systems Engineering

The Next Level of Product Development

Systems Engineering

Integrated Product and Service Development

The increasing complexity of technical products and the shift in business models toward product and service combinations have a considerable impact: product development becomes system development. It is necessary to plan the lifecycle of a customer-driven service, to verify business cases and to implement them in cooperation with partners. Control of the new interfaces and of related topics are fundamental challenges for established processes and organizations. A systematic approach and interdisciplinary work, especially in the early phases, ensure that possible sources of errors are detected early and risks are eliminated. Issues become subsequently controllable and cost-intensive modifications can be avoided. With Systems Engineering we ensure efficient, customer-driven product development and set the course for your future success.

What is Systems Engineering?

A simple definition is: Systems Engineering enables the interdisciplinary development of products and services. It addresses the product to be developed and/or the service, as well as the associated project and organization. Accordingly, Systems Engineering is an enabler for the complex systems of tomorrow.

Who needs Systems Engineering?

The question concerning “whether” and “how much” in terms of Systems Engineering is driven by the positioning of the company on the market and among the competition – the Systems Engineering strategy is derived from this.

Our Consulting Services for Systems Engineering

Strategy Development for Your Product Development

  • SE Quick Check: How advanced is SE in your company and what is the benchmark?
  • SE-Strategy: Focus Systems Engineering on your corporate strategy
  • SE Business Case: Benefits and costs for your SE projects

Your Benefits

  • Identification of necessary action areas in order to achieve your business objectives, making you fit for the future
  • Agreed upon work package definitions to increase your organizational maturity
  • A roadmap that is orchestrated, communicated and agreed upon for a holistic transformation


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Anchor organizational changes sustainably

  • SE Processes & Methods: Process definition, description of methods and roles
  • Organizational Development & Standards: Conception, operationalization and support in transformation

Your Benefits

  • Accepted, developed & piloted process and method definitions
  • Establish process orientation while maintaining corporate culture
  • Orchestrated roadmap implementation for transformation
  • Target group-oriented change management


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Empower Your Development Projects

  • SE Application: Assumption of project roles and effective integration of state-of-the-art SE toolbox
  • SE Coaching: Assistance and support for your employees in fulfilling SE roles

Your Benefits

  • Direct SE application in critical development projects
  • Effective hands-on empowerment of project members
  • Agreed upon, balanced coaching plan and continuous support


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Organizational Empowerment

  • SE Awareness: Create awareness of your transformation in upper management
  • SE Training: Company-specific seminars with customized curriculum
  • SE Certification: Qualify employees as a Systems Engineer according to SE-ZERT/ INCOSE

Your Benefits

  • Related insight for necessary change and action measures
  • Efficient, target group-oriented, multimedia training concept
  • Coordinated training plan with a blended mix of training (virtual & on-site)


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Sustainable Model Based Product Development

  • MBSE Strategy: Identification of the need for action in processes, organization and engineering IT based on defined use cases
  • MBSE Proof of Concept: Implementation of pilots with corresponding methodology
  • MBSE Coaching: Review of existing models and user coaching

Your Benefits

  • Holistic view of Transformation through MBSE
  • Clear proof of benefits and early realization of benefits through MBSE
  • User friendly, piloted MBSE methodology
  • Outside-In-View for your models and user competence


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Sustainable Alignment of Your Engineering IT & PLM

  • PLM Assessment & Strategy: Align your PLM to your corporate strategy
  • PLM IT Architecture: Conception of your PLM applications and embed them in your company's IT
  • PLM Introduction: Planning of the appropriate approach for integrating your PLM - not only technically

Your Benefits

  • Position your product data management in terms of your strategic goals
  • Integrated PLM with all of the significant interface systems such as i.e. SAP, Doors or Cameo System Modeler
  • A clear plan and effective transformation of your current PLM into your goals


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Insights into Systems Engineering

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