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for sustainable market growth and increasing performance within the organization. 


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In the age of platforms, start-ups and global value networks, a clear roadmap into the "jungle of digital possibilities" is needed now, more than ever: Together with UNITY you can develop a future-proof strategy for your organization, individual departments or for a topic related to transformation such as digitalization, platforms or e-commerce. We take into account external market and technology impulses as well as your internal challenges in order to set binding priorities through strategic goals and a roadmap of measures. The strategy process brings together all relevant stakeholders, inspires with impulses as well as innovative workshop formats and ensures that your resources flow into the measures that make the greatest contribution to the success of the customer and internally.

Learn more about Germany's best strategy: UNITY@Dürkopp Adler. 

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Customers about their Strategy with UNITY

”UNITY has made a significant contribution to thedevelopment of the M-TYPE DELTA. We have also benefited from UNITYs comprehensive expertise in market approaches and the further development of our organization and assembly. We are very pleased with the great teamwork and outstanding results.“

Dietrich Eickhoff, Executive Spokesman,Dürkopp Adler Group

"In close collaboration and under UNITY’s leadership, we have developed a future-proof IT strategy that was coordinated with all of our locations. The know-how and best practices that UNITY contributed have supported us in achieving our goals.”

Wolfgang Remlinger, Member of the Board of Directors, Liebherr-EMtec GmbH

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Your Contacts for Strategy

    • Robin Eisbach



    • Magnus Meier


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    • Christian Schultz

      Senior Consultant

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    • Florian Heffeter

      Managing Director

      UNITY Austria GmbH

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    • Nicolina Litschgi

      Managing Director, Partner

      UNITY Schweiz AG

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    • Moritz Pfeiffer

      Member of the Executive Board

      UNITY Schweiz AG

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    • Ingo Neumann

      Managing Director

      UNITY Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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    • Ahmed Aglan

      Managing Director

      UNITY Egypt Ltd.

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