Industrial reorientation of maintenance

Holistic optimization of processes, technologies, workplaces and IT functionalities

Lufthansa Technik

Factory Planning to Reorient "Wheels & Brakes"

Initial Situation and Project Targets

Lufthansa Technik operates workshops on the Frankfurt Airport site for the purposes of maintaining and overhauling aircraft wheels and brakes. The degree of utilization in the production environment, which has grown over time and is fragmented across the site, has now exceeded the capacity limit. To increase competitiveness and involvement in market growth a new factory is being constructed. The objective is to use this for the industrial reorientation of maintenance activities, including the introduction of collaborative production principles and the increase of the automation level. New IT functionality for autonomous production control will be implemented as part of Industry 4.0 to optimize value creation and reduce waste.

Tasks of UNITY

In the role of the factory planner, UNITY developed target processes and the layout as the basis for the implementation of the project together with the project team. UNITY’s specific tasks were:

  • Recording and analyzing the material flows, land use, processes, costs and IT infrastructure of the current situation
  • Elaborating potentials for optimization
  • Planning logistical supply
  • Planning the process landscape for workshops and logistics
  • Planning the equipment layout
  • Simulating material flows in the target concept
  • Resource specification and budgeting
  • MES system specification
  • Assessing efficiency

What our customer says about the project

“UNITY helped us plan the ‘greenfield’ reorientation of Wheels & Brakes. Due to innovations in the use of resources and IT the preconditions for a considerable increase in productivity are being created. Industrial best-practice knowledge and material flow simulations, together with the active involvement of our employees, formed the foundation of successful planning.”

Frank Zimmermann, Project Manager New Construction of Wheels & Brakes Services, Lufthansa Technik AG

Benefits of our project for Lufthansa Technik

The planned industrial reorientation of “Wheels & Brakes” will significantly increase productivity and considerably reduce throughput times. Lufthansa Technik will therefore benefit from the integrated optimization of processes, technologies, workplaces and IT functionality: the design minimizes waste processes, reduces transport distances and movement, minimizes employees’ physical stress and automates production control. To ensure a high level of planning and investment security, the processes were simulated in various scenarios using dynamic models to enable the identification of the optimum operating point.

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