IT strategy as a decisive success factor

IT Strategy

Gain a competitive advantage through adaptable IT

As the driver and architect of change, one of the key tasks for CIOs is to develop a holistic IT strategy and align it with the requirements of the business strategy. This involves defining what role IT will play in the future, how you will shape the existing IT organization, and how you will ensure the balancing act between the flexibility and stability that is required. UNITY supports you in all areas of IT strategy: From analyzing your current situation, to developing your target state, to implementation.

Our Approach to IT strategy

1. Analyze

1. Analyze

How do your IT strategy and your business strategy work together and where does action need to be taken?


Your Benefits

  • Basic understanding of the elements and importance of IT strategy
  • Understanding of your own strategic maturity level between business and IT goals
  • Initial analysis of the current state of IT strategy and identification of areas where action is needed

Our Services

  • Analysis of the relevant influencing factors of your IT strategy
  • Identification and definition of the current state and strategic IT building blocks
  • Identification of initial potentials and risks
2. Develop

2. Develop

What are the strategic goals and guidelines for your IT? Where is there a need for action?


Your Benefits

  • Defined mission and vision that set the direction for strategy development and action in IT
  • Identification of areas of action and potential including concrete project ideas for realizing the IT strategy
  • Developed IT strategy between current and target state

Our Services

  • Identifying strategic gaps based on IT building blocks and corresponding IT capabilities and trends
  • Involving relevant stakeholders in the strategy development process
  • Deriving strategic action areas and projects
  • Defining the target state of the IT Building Blocks
  • Developing the vision and mission goals of the IT strategy
3. Implement

3. Implement

How can you implement the IT strategy developed and what measures are required for this?


Your Benefits

  • Defined projects and developed implementation roadmap
  • Support in the implementation of projects and controlling of the strategic goals
  • Empowerment of the organization
  • Internal marketing support & development of communication plans and measures

Our Services

  • Creation of company- or division-specific business roadmaps including measures, responsible parties and KPIs
  • Establishment and monitoring of an IT controlling framework
  • Use of best practices and agile project management
  • Implementation of holistic change management


Operating Model

  • Skills
  • Processes 
  • IT Organization

Enterprise Architecture

  • IT Capabilities
  • Applications
  • XaaS/Platform Deployment
  • Data Strategy
  • Cloud Strategy

Operation & Service Management


Cyber Security

  • IT Security Operations
  • IT Security Governance
  • Security Assessment

Cost, Performance & Controlling

  • IT Budgeting
  • Performance Management
  • IT Controlling Framework & KPI


"In recent years, our locations have grown strong and fast to varying degrees, and this applies to our IT as well. In a very short period of time, UNITY consultants compiled a comprehensive overview of our current IT situation, derived our necessary action areas, and successfully supported us in implementing the measures. As a result, we are optimally positioned for the future requirements and projects of our customers in the international automotive industry." - Rainer Bogner, Managing Director, Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH

"In close cooperation, under UNITY's leadership, we developed a future-proof IT strategy and coordinated it across our sites. The know-how brought in by UNITY as well as its best practices supported us in a target-oriented way." – Wolfgang Remlinger, Member of the Board of Directors, Liebherr-EMtec GmbH

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