The faultless supply of materials to production is the task of internal logistics management!


Optimize your intralogistics!

Internal material flows are the nerve system of production: a failure or interruption of the material flow means - in the worst case - an immediate standstill of the producing workplaces. This is prevented by intralogistics that are synchronized with the production processes. The increasing variety of products and variants, shorter product availability and smaller batch sizes increase the importance of intralogistics in the entire value-added network. It is essential for companies to ensure the following aspects: 

  • Satisfaction of customer-specific requirements and the realization of a high degree of product individualization.
  • Ensuring cost efficiency in the process flow.
  • Continuous supply of production with optimum use of materials.
  • Realization of a minimum delivery time and a maximum delivery reliability.

We accompany your intralogistics through this area of conflict and set it up in a robust and future-proof way, while constantly taking profitability into account.

Our methods and approach for your intralogistics of the future

Which factors determine successful cooperation and how can these not only be optimized but also made cost-efficient? How does the company thus ensure its economic growth in the age of digitalization?

The answers to these questions are provided by planning and process models in intralogistics. With UNITY as your partner, you have the opportunity to automate and digitalize your logistics processes: Fully automated storage and retrieval of material saves time, space and staff. The use of innovative technologies for order picking reduces material shortages at the workstations. With the help of the implementation of driverless transport systems and internal milkrun route trains, not only is cycle-accurate production maintained, but the buffer stocks of materials in the production areas are also reduced. The digital mapping of these activities and process flows - for example within a Warehouse Management System (WMS) - ensures performance monitoring and key figure management. In addition, tools can create permanent transparency of intralogistics costs with the help of calculation algorithms. However, it must be taken into account that fully automated solutions (e.g. for storage and retrieval) are associated with high investments and thus the economic efficiency (cost vs. benefit) for the company is always the main focus.

Due to these diverse potentials, intralogistics can - correctly positioned - create an important competitive advantage for your company. With process models, tools and the selection of technology, UNITY offers you a complete package of services to help you increase the digitalization potential within your intralogistics and production and to meet the ever-increasing trend towards individuality.

Together with you, we will implement the intralogistics adapted to your company. Our holistic consulting approach extends from planning all logistics processes within the plant to designing the appropriate infrastructure.

Our Consulting Service Intralogistics


Optimization of the Intralogistics

By means of a holistic cost analysis (infrastructure, process and inventory costs), your complete intralogistics is put to the cost test. Taking benchmarks and variable process costs into account, the optimization potentials and concepts can be developed. For example, the reduction of inventory costs leads to a simultaneous reduction of logistical process costs, since the total volume of stored material and, consequently, storage and retrieval expenses can be reduced.

Material Flow Optimization with Digital Planning

The material flow control aims at the flow-oriented optimization of the entire value-added chain. On the basis of the actual processes recorded in advance for each product group, the actual state is dynamically simulated to identify waste. UNITY then develops a lean-based target concept including optimized production control. Using a digital material flow simulation, the resulting concept is validated to verify the planned savings potential. Concepts for material flow optimizations that have already been successfully implemented include the introduction of driverless transport systems in ongoing production. The integration of a clocked milk run concept with interfaces right up to outside the factory gates.

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Warehouse Planning and Dimensioning

UNITY analyzes, among other aspects, the quantity structures when recording the planning bases in the warehouse area. Based on the identified potentials, suitable target concepts are developed, including the selection of the appropriate storage type.
It is essential that both - your existing warehouse is optimized and replanned (brownfield) - but also that a completely new planning of your warehouse can be realized. The relevant planning parameters are the warehouse building, stock level, warehouse infrastructure and all logistical processes within it.

Implementation of a Warehouse Management System

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) ensures the transparent mapping and control of all logistics processes in the company. This begins with goods receipt and ends with goods dispatch. The WMS always acts as a companion for the material and thus also ensures the cycle-precise control of the putaway and picking processes of the material in production. WMS can be docked onto existing ERP and/or MES solutions. UNITY accompanies you in implementing a WMS. The general procedure is as follows: Collecting the customer's requirements for the system and transferring them to a specification sheet, going through the selection process for potential software providers and then implementing the selected WMS in your existing logistics and production environment. This ensures the optimal dimensioning of your future WMS.

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Picking Technologies

Transporting goods to people or people to the goods? Nowadays, the first option is the most modern and fastest solution. Automated picking technologies are needed to use this principle. Examples are picking robots or a fully automated warehouse including picking zones. The development of these concepts means at the same time an optimization of all running and transport routes within the picking area. This often leads to space savings, for example by using self-propelled stacker cranes to compact the high-bay warehouse or by eliminating an entire block warehouse.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Together with our customers, we realize optimal supply chains from the strategic alignment to the operative daily business.

Smart Factory

Together with you, we design your Smart Factory! We design individual industry 4.0 concepts and distinguish ourselves through pragmatic implementation.

Fabric Planning

With our future-oriented approach to factory planning, we focus with you on efficient processes, high productivity and sustainable business success.

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