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What does belong to professional virtual working?

Digital Work@Home

Workability – functionality and compliance in times of crisis

Benefit from our best practices in Digital Work@Home

As consultants, we are used to constantly work together with our clients and colleagues in Germany and around the world at different locations and under the most diverse conditions. Our corporate culture, tools and infrastructure are designed for high flexibility. Even a crisis such as Corona only selectively influences our working ability. Benefit from our experience and best practices in virtual working now, especially beyond the operation of tools.

Our service Digital Work@Home shows you the various aspects of working virtual in a project successfully. We are happy to help you with a necessary set-up, accompany your teams with the first steps of virtual work and ensure efficiency.

Digital Work@Home offers three different modules that can be booked separately and adapted to your individual needs. The training courses are conducted virtually.

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Why Digital Work@Home with UNITY?

25 years of experience

We have been optimizing our virtual work capabilities for 25 years.

Digital Work@Home

is not just home office, but an agile and efficient implementation of work outside the office.

Journey for successful Digital Work@Home

Success factors for efficient implementation of the home office workplace

The realization of effective digital work is a multi-step process. Each company has an individual starting and target point. Decisive for sustainable success is the structured and demand-oriented implementation of each step of the journey. This is the only way to create the path to a virtual organization.

Our service "Digital Work@Home"

Online workshop​

Online workshop​

Roadmap for Digital Work@Home

I need a roadmap!

Your benefits

  • Knowledge for which departments in the company virtual working works
  • Quick check infrastructure
  • Understanding about the interactions with the corporate culture
  • Roadmap for Digital Work@Home
Web training for executives

Web training for executives

How do I lead virtually?

I need an overview!

Your benefits

  • Understanding how virtual leadership and work functions
  • Understanding how to achieve results virtually and efficiently
  • Knowledge of common working tools
  • Understanding which framework conditions are necessary
  • Understanding the influence on the corporate culture
Web training for the team

Web training for the team

How do I work together virtually in a team?

I want to empower my employees!

Your benefits

  • Empowering employees to work in the home office
  • Improving efficiency in the home office
  • Empowering employees to conduct virtual meetings
  • Sharpening the awareness of compliance and legal aspects (e.g. data protection)

Project Stories Digital Work@Home

The way to the virtual Organization

Efficient virtual processes in a company provide a decisive competitive advantage. Our exemplary managing director, Gunther, also recognized this. Gunther has already made great progress in his path towards a virtual organization. However, he has not yet reached his goal. He is able to use his data because he has made it transparent and available. He has optimized his processes and committed himself and his managers to a new management style. A further component of his virtual organization is the ability to carry out projects virtually. Finally, Gunther has adapted his structure to the virtual organization and chosen his business model accordingly. However, before his organization can function virtually, he still has to consider essential aspects: The culture in his company must be based on trust, knowledge transfer and an open feedback culture.  All of these are significant aspects and play an important role.

We are all in the same boat and that boat is not alone. Customers, suppliers and other partners are all a part of each corporate ecosystem. They have to be integrated into the virtual organization. Gunther must stay in touch with you in order to develop cross-company measures together with you. The journey to the virtual organization is then complete, but it’s not over yet. You can see from the routes in the ecosystem that they are used several times; they are constantly changing. All this requires careful planning with employees who look to the future innovatively.

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