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Digital transformation opens up significant opportunities, but also poses critical challenges for established companies. Changes in processes and ways of thinking, as well as closely observing and considering changing customer needs are important for paving the way to successfully shape digital change within an organization. However, the implementation of digital innovations often reveals two major barriers within companies:

1. In the traditional organizational structures, projects cannot be implemented in the quality and speed that is required.

2. There is a lack of digital skills and abilities that are necessary.

With new approaches and data-driven methods, the establishment of a Digital Campus provides the necessary environment to digitalize internal processes, develop new market solutions and acquire the necessary competencies. It functions as an organizational form and the nucleus of Digital Transformation, in which innovative business ideas are developed using agile approaches. As an experienced partner in digitalization, UNITY supports you by taking a holistic approach in building and operating a Digital Campus.

Success Factors in Building a Digital Campus

The Transformation of Values to a Digital Mindset


The foundation for implementing Digital Transformation is the shift in values from traditional ways of thinking to a digital mindset, as the unstoppable digitalization of our business and private environments demand new approaches. The four core building blocks are Agility & Flexibility, Customer Centricity, Collaboration and Open Culture. The Digital Campus acts as the nucleus of this digital DNA and delivers success stories for change.

Orientation of the Digital Campus 


The three options of orientation for a Digital Campus cover a variety of economic motivations for digitialzation. They offer the opportunity to further deepen the existing strategy and promote ambidexterity in the organization. A clearly defined orientation is a prerequisite for transparent expectations and measuring success. The dilemma of many previously unsuccessful institutions is rooted in an orientation that is fundamentally unclear.

Organizational Models of a Digital Campus


Selecting the appropriate organizational model depends on the orientation of the Digital Campus and determines its flow of performance to the company as well as its degree of dependence. In general, it can be linked to existing structures as well as to newly created forms, such as a CDO organization. In any case, top management's commitment to the Digital Campus is indispensable and anchoring it at a high management level increases the probability of success.

Digital Campus Services 


The core services of the Digital Campus include basic research on digitalization, idea generation and development, prototyping and the management of market and technology knowledge. As a core knowledge carrier and catalyst for digitalization, it can realize digital innovations as well as provide new strategic impulses. In addition, the Digital Campus forms an interface to the relevant partners in digitalization, which is characterized by the uncomplicated integration of practical and scientific knowledge.

The Value Contribution of the Digital Campus

The Digital Campus has this influence on the levels of the Digital Transformation.

What Our Customers Say About Digital Campus with UNITY

"Thanks to the outstanding support of the UNITY team, we have implemented an effective committee in the form of a "Digital Governance Body" to manage digital transformation across the Group. In addition, the Digital Solutions Lab provides freedom for disruptive ideas."

Dr. Karsten Malsch, Program Lead Digital, Covestro Deutschland AG

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