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Digital Platforms

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Digital platforms have already disrupted some industries and permanently changed them. However, many companies assume that platform business models will remain meaningless for their own industry. 

However, the large number of different digital platforms that are increasingly appearing on the market in almost every industry offers huge potential for all companies. Current analyses of our customers' ecosystems and networks show that at least one digital platform is already represented in their industry and is about to occupy relevant customer interfaces. Now is the time to act with your own platform strategy and your own digital business! 

Based on our cross-industry expert knowledge from consulting projects and close cooperation with top research institutions in the field of platform strategies, we will collaboratively develop your start in the platform economy with your own platform business. We provide your company with support from developing the platform idea, designing the digital business model to implementing the digital architecture. Together, we will take your business to the next level with a digital platform!

IT Architectures

Utilize flexible, secure and enterprise-wide IT systems to create the conditions for your digital transformation!

The core Questions about Digital Platforms

1. Orientation in the Platform Economy 

What do platform economics and digital platforms mean for my industry? Which types of platforms exist at all? What are current best practices?


Your Benefits 

  • Identified opportunities and risks for your business 
  • Blueprint for your own entry into the platform economy

How can you achieve it?

  • Analysis of your current ecosystem - even beyond previous market boundaries
  • Overview of your own digital position and digital maturity

2. Define Your Platform Strategy

Take a stand! What is your position in the platform economy? What strategic goal are you going to set for yourself today so that your position will still be valid tomorrow?


Your Benefits

  • Platform potentials for developing scalable digital business models
  • Focus on future-relevant customer interfaces that are critical for success 
  • Leverage to strengthen sales in your core business

How can you achieve it?

  • Determine options to position your company
  • Design first platform ideas according to your positioning

3. The Development of Your Digital Business Model 

What does your successful platform business model look like? How can it be monetized? What influence does it have on your existing business?


Your Benefits 

  • A digital ecosystem to secure the market and develop it
  • Monetarization potentials & cost overview
  • A business case for evaluation

How can you achieve it?

  • Utilization of UNITY business model and platform patterns
  • Application of the UNITY Platform Canvas with integrated business cases

4. Implementing the Platform Architecture

Realize your platform business! What requirements need to be met for the platform architecture? What skills are required of you?


Your Benefits 

  • A specified roadmap, from MVP to scaling
  • Control of your digital capabilities
  • An implemented IT architecture, integrated into your system landscape

How can you achieve it?

  • Utilization of the UNITY Digital Capability Map
  • Support through our technical and implementation-oriented consulting approach


Learn more about IT architectures!

UNITY Digital Platform Canvas

Core Interaction:
The platform strategy determines the platform service with the matching algorithm as a unique selling point.

Platform Community:
The right combination and size of platform community vary depending on the project and industry.

Platforms make business scalable, but the indirect benefits are underestimated.

Well-developed platform governance aligns the modular IT architecture with the business model.

Value creation happens in networks that should be used for optimized service and faster growth.

The cost structures of digital platforms are special, but they can be modularized in the same way as IT architecture. 

Project References in Digital Platforms

Insights into Digital Platforms

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